4x4 Evolution

     While  in the game, push [ENTER] + [SHIFT] + [ALT] + E, then type
any of the codes below:

Code                    Result 
4x4                     Big Tires 
5x5                     Big Truck 
99x99                   No Game Over 

Edit Cash
     First  go  into  the  game  and play a bit to earn a little extra
cash, at least $10,000.00 or so. Now sell your truck. Your should have
somewhere near $40,000.00.

Look in your directory for the following file:
     C:\programs\Terminal Reality\4x4 Evolution\system\metal.ini   the  (metal.ini)  file  using  notepad  listed  in  your
accessories folder in Windows. Now save the file in a temporary folder
or  on  your desktop. Go back into the game and buy a vehicle and some
of the parts you want. When your cash is low, do the following:

     Exit the game and go back into your temporary folder and open the
file named metal.ini and look for a line that says:
Cash=(followed by a series of numbers and letters) 

     I think the string is specific to the your player profile. Select
the line and copy it. (now this is important only select the line that
says  Cash=(and the string of characters following the equal sign) not
the entire file). Now open the metal.ini file in your:

C:\programs\Terminal Reality\4x4 Evolution\system\metal.ini 

and look for a line that says:
Cash=(followed by a series of numbers and letters) 

     Select  that  line and paste over it the line you copied from the
previous file.

     Now  save  the  file  and exit notepad. Go back into the game and
like  magic  you just padded your wallet again. If you want more cash,
like  say enough to buy one of race trucks, just sell your truck again
and  repeat  all  of the steps above. Remember every time you save the

     C:\programs\Terminal Reality\4x4 Evolution\system\metal.ini

     ...your increasing the amount of cash you have. You can just keep
doubling  the  amount  of  money  you  have  by buying several trucks,
pasting  a  new line in and then selling the trucks you bought. Saving
that  current file into your temporary folder and then buy more trucks
and  parts  and on and on and on until you have the amount of cash you

     If  you  would like to get instant cash without doing this trick,
try putting in: "re25ykP*g*bCbqRqz*zb1xPz1P+" behind the cash= line to
get $2.5 million. (omit the quotes)

Newer Version Cheat
     In  the  newer  versions of 4x4 evolution the money cheat that is
most  prevalent does not work. When you edit the metal.ini file and go
back  into  the  game your career is reset and you lose all previously
earned vehicles/money. The best bet is to start a race in career mode.
Then  once  the  race  has  started type "goldfinger." You will hear a
little  music  then  type  in the word "givememoneyordie" and you will
instantly recieve $1,000,000 in your career.

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