3 Sisters Story

    Table of Contents

I. Intruduction
II. Walkthrough

    Section I-Introduction
     As  you  read  through this walkthrough, please keep in mind that
this  is  my first one I have written, so it might not be top quality.
This  is  not  finished  by  the way. I will finish it when I have the
time.  If  you  have  anything to add to the walkthrough, feel free to
e-mail  me  about  it.  Ill add it and give credit where its due. Just
dont  e-mail  me  a  second  half  of the walkthrough-I will finish it
myself. But if I missed something in the part I have, please tell me.

    Section II-Walkthrough

     Note:  whenever  I  say  "look,  talk,  ask,  and  or think about
everything"  I  mean  that  you  should  keep clicking the same choice
untill  the  person says the same thing, then move on to the next one.
Eventually  you  will  hear/see/think  all there is, and the game will
continue. Don't get it? You will once you start playing :)

     The  game  starts  out at the Okamura house. Look, talk, ask, and
think  about  everything.  After that, Yuki will leave. Look and think
about  everything.  Then  Emi  will appear. Look, talk, ask, and think
again.  Risa should then appear. Again, talk, look and think. You will
then go to school.

     When  you  get  to school, choose go home. You will notice Emi is
not  around.  You have to go find her. This part is a pain in the ass.
From  what  I  can figure out, you have to walk around randomly untill
she finally appears. But make sure while your exploring you go to room
4-d  :)  I  know that the end of the part is you have to go outside to
the  school  yard.  Think  about the rack team, then talk to them. ???
should  then  appear.  Then  go back to room 2-B. You will automaticly
leave  then.  If anyone have a definate way of getting past that part,
please  e-mail  me.  After going to room 2-B, you will go to the park.
Choose its cold and move closer. You will then go back to their house.
     At  the  house,  you  will see Eiichi raping Yuki. After a bit of
talking  you  will  be  back  at  your  house.  Look  and  think about
everything.  You  will then setup a meeting with Eiichi. Look and talk
about everything. You will wind up back at your house. Again think and
look  at  everything.  After that, Yuki will call. You will then go to
her  house.  Talk to her. When it comes up, choose take her. This will
start the first sex scene of the game.
     The  next  day  starts at the Okamura house. Look, talk, ask, and
think about everything. You will then go to school. Again, you have to
find  Emi.  Go to the nurses office. Talk to her. Then asker her about
the  request. Choose ok. Talk to her again. Keep talking to her untill
she says the same thing. Then ask about Kumi. Then leave and go to the

     When  you  enter  the gym, talk to Kumi. Talk to her a few times,
then  choose  think about curing her. Keep doing that untill it brings
up 3 choices. Choose 3. It will bring up 3 more, then choose forbidden
drill.  When  you  get  the  chance,  choose go in her(or tease if you
want).  It will then ask if you want to use a condom. I dont know what
the  difference is so choose what you want. You will end up outside of
the  gym,  so  go back inside. Talk to Kumi, then choose your alright.
Now  Kumi  is cured(by the way you can come back and screw her as many
times as you want :). Now go to the nurse.

     When  you  get  to  the  nurse  choose present(if the nurse isn't
there,  go to a different floor then come back). Then leave the nurses
office. Explore the area some more, then go to room 2-B. Emi should be
there.  If not, go outside and try talking to everyone there. You will
then  go  back  to  her  house. When you get the option, choose change
clothes.  When  you  go back to her house, choose peek. Then, when you
get  the  chance,  look,  talk,  and  ask about everything. Then go to
downtown.  After a bunch of talking, you enter the lingerie pub. Talk,
look, and ask about everything. After some more talking, look and talk
to  everyone. Choose exit. After more talking, choose lie. Choose it a
few more times. You will go into the park.

     When  you enter the park, look and listen to them. Approach until
you  can't anymore. Then look. When the option comes up, choose chase.
Then  choose  don't move. When their done, choose chase. You will then
leave  the  park  and  go  back  to  your  house. Look and think about
everything. After that the next day will start.

     After  talking with them, look, talk, and think about everything.
You will be at school. Choose exit and go to the teachers office. Talk
to  Sensei  untill  you leave the room. Keep talking to her and asking
her  stuff.  Then think. After that go to the nurses office. Ask about
Chie  and  Yuko. Then leave and go to room 1-A. Talk to Risa. You will
go home. After talking you will go back to the school.

     At  the  school,  think,  talk,  and  look.  Then go to the night
office.  Think,  then  peek.  Keep  peeking. When you can, choose take
twice. After your done, you will go back to your house. Look and think
about everything.

     The  next day is Risa's birthday. Look and talk about everything.
Eiichi  will  now  come  to  the  party. Choose to hit him. Answer the
phone. Choose yes. You will end up in your house again. Look and think
about  everything.  Risa  will then come. Look and talk to her. Choose
take her.

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