007 Legends

+3 trainer (for v1.0 by PCtrainers)
Steam Achievements
00 Agent: Public Match
Reach level 50 (00 Agent Grade 0).
Complete all levels on a 'Classic' difficulty.
A Farewell to Arms: Multiplayer
Enter 00 Specialization.
Above and Beyond a 00
Complete three of the '007' level trials.
All That Glitters
Earn a 3 star rating in any mission of the Challenges mode.
All the Time in the World: Public Match
Play for more than 24 hours.
Around the world one more time
Get 100% collection rating for 'Moonraker'.
Boys with Toys: Campaign
Buy all of the attachments for one weapon class.
Earn a 1 star rating in each mission of the Challenges mode.
Clandestine: Campaign
Collect 100% of all organization intel.
Counter-Sniper: Public Match
Kill 50 players while they are aiming down the scope of a sniper rifle.
Danger! High Voltage: Public Match
Get 25 electrocution kills as Zao or Gustav Graves.
Die Another Day
Complete the 'Die Another Day' mission.
Disarmed and Dangerous: Public Match
In Escalation demote an enemy who is armed with the RPG.
Distract an enemy.
Everything or Nothing
Complete all of the trials on any one level.
Extended Operative
Complete eight of the 'Operative' level trials.
Fascination with all things gold
Get 100% of all available stars in the Challenges mode.
Complete the 'Goldfinger' mission.
Happy Snapper: Campaign
Take a photograph of the crocodile.
Hold the Line: Public Match
Win a Data Miner match without being killed.
I expect you to die
Get 100% collection rating for 'Goldfinger'.
Laser Eraser: Public Match
Win a match using only laser-based weapons.
Licence To Kill
Complete the 'Licence To Kill' mission.
Making it Personal: Campaign
Collect 100% of all character bio intel.
Master at Arms
Make an elimination with every weapon class.
Midas Touch: Public Match
Win a match on Main Vault, Smelting Room and Loading Bay.
Complete the 'Moonraker' mission.
More Than an Agent
Complete six of the 'Agent' level trials.
Never happened to the other guy
Get 100% collection rating for 'O.H.M.S.S.'
Complete the 'O.H.M.S.S.' mission.
Omega Virus: Public Match
Kill an enemy who has completed the campaign or who already has this Achievement.
One small step for a man
Experience zero-g.
People Power: Campaign
Collect 30% of all character bio intel.
Positively shocking!
Take out two enemies with one shock dart.
Return to Sender: Public Match
In Bomb Defuse disarm the bomb and plant it at enemy base without getting killed.
Scream if you want to go faster: Campaign
Overload the gyroscopic training machine in the Space Port.
Secret Agent
Complete all levels on 'Agent' difficulty or higher.
Shaken, but not Stirred: Public Match
Survive 50 explosions while using Reactive Armor.
Shooting Star
Get 30% of all available stars in the Challenges mode.
Signature: Campaign
Reach level three weapon proficiency with the P99.
Spend the money quickly Mr. Bond: Campaign
Be awarded a total of 10,000 XP.
Standards of Physical Perfection: Campaign
Acquire all of the MI6 training modules.
Star Struck
Get 60% of all available stars in the Challenges mode.
Unlocked and Loaded: Public Match
Reach level 6 (Midshipman).
Very novel Q: Campaign
Upgrade a gadget to its highest level.
Vodka martini, plenty of ice...
Get 100% collection rating for 'Die Another Day'.
Web of Intrigue: Campaign
Collect 30% of all organization intel.
With or Without Q
Reach Grave's plane without using any in-car gadgets.
You prepare for the unexpected
Get 100% collection rating for 'Licence To Kill'.

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