Toy Story 2


Green laser locations:
     Green  lasers will allow enemies to be killed with a single shot.
They can be found at the following locations.

     Andy's  House: When you go to the garage, find a way to get up to
the van. When you get to the top, you will see a green laser.

     Andy's  Neighborhood: Find your way to the location with a broken
car. The green laser should be right in front of you.

     Alleys  and  Gullies:  Turn  to  the right when you see the first
airplane box.

Battery locations:
     Start  game  play on the Bombs Away level and move all the way to
the  left  to  find  a battery. Then, move all the way to the right to
find another batter.

Getting on the trees:
     Begin  game  play  on the Andy's Neighborhood level. Climb on the
swing, then reach the other swing. Move to the tire with a rope. Climb
up  the rope, then jump on top of the tree. Note: There is a kite Boss
at  the very top of the tree. When you first get on the tree, HAM will
appear.  Find  50  coins  bring  them to HAM to receive a Pizza Planet

Find the green army men:
     Begin game play on the Andy's Neighborhood level. After starting,
you  should  see a tractor that will chase you. Do not leave the yard.
Turn  around  and  you  will see a green army man. Go up the steps and
approach  him.  He  will  offer a Pizza Planet token to you if you can
find  all five of his army men. The other army men can be found easier
if you see flames.

Run on the top of the roof:
     Find all the army men, then climb the house to reach the roof.

Lose lives slower:
     Start out on any level when your lives are full, and collect more
lives. You will not lose lives as fast after getting hit.

Defeating the Wind Up Robot:
     Shoot him with a charged laser while he is winding up.

Finding Mr. Potato Head's eye:
     To   retrieve  Mr.  Potato  Head's  eye  (and  receive  the  disc
launcher), keep climbing up the construction site. You will eventually
find the eye.

Level select:
     Press Up, Up, Up, Up, Down, Down, Up, Up, Down, Down, Down at the
options screen.



Beat RC without Rocket Skates:
     In  the  neighborhood  level, when the race with RC begins follow
the  track  as  normal. As soon as you see RC behind you, do your spin
attack  (down  c)  and RC will briefly stop. This will give you enough
time  to  take  the  lead  again. Keep doing this and you will win the

Beat The Attic Robot:
     Inside  Andy's  house (In the attic) there is a robot you need to
beat  to  get a pizza planet token. You're laser won't hurt him so you
need  to  make him cahse you until he needs to recharge. Then use your
spinn  attack  on  him.  He  will  start chasing you again. Repeat the
prosses until the robot is dead.

Beat The Slime Boss:
     On the Slime boss level, everytime you shoot the slime monster it
shrinks  down  into his trash can. Shoot the slime monster untill it's
whole body is in the trash can, it will loose energy by doing this but
each  time  it  goes  down  into the trash can, the slime monster gets
bigger  so  it  takes more time to shrink it down. Just get it down in
the trash can about four times, then it will die.

Beat The Jackhammer Boss:
     To beat the jackhammer boss, you must first get the disk launcher
by  giving  Mr. Potatohead his eye which can be found on the building.
You  must  also  get  to  the  top  of  the  building  that  is  under
construction  in the construction zone. Once you have reached the top,
the  boss will start to follow you. There are two ways of beating him.
One is to run around and when he gets far enough away, turn around and
shoot disks at him. The other is when he starts to follow you, jump on
one of the tower crane structures moving back and forth. He can't hurt
you and you can just sit and shoot him.

Beat the Airplane boss:
     The  best  way  to do this is to go into helmet mode, charge your
lazer and when the plane gets close enough to lock on, fire. This does
the  most  damage  and  the  plane  can be killed in 3 hits using this

Unlimited Lives Trick:
     First give potato head his ear and get the cosmic shield. Then go
to  Al's Penthouse. Run into the shield. Then run to the fireplace and
get  the  extra  life inside of it. Then exit the level. Re-enter Al's
Penthouse  and  repeat the process to get the extra life as many times
as you want.

Multi-player characters:
     Successfully  complete  the  game  with  all  Pizza Planet tokens
collected.  Then,  return to the first level and speak with Buzz, Ham,
Mr.  Potato Head, Slinky, and Rex to unlock them in multi-player mode.
Save the game, then start a multi-player game.

God Mode-Invincibility:
     Beat  the  game  once  with  any  character and then use the same
character  again  to play the game. You will be invincible and that is
good  because  now  you  can explore the level without being afraid of

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