Star Wars: Rogue Sqadron

Fly the Naboo Starfighter:
     Enter  HALIFAX?  as  a  password, select Enter Code, then type in
!YNGWIE!.  Select Enter Code again, and you'll have full access to the
Naboo Starfighter.

Fly the Naboo Starfighter (the easy way):
     Just enter NABOO, and ignore the incorrect sound.

Remove Naboo Starfighter:
     After  the  Naboo  Starfighter  code is activated, it will always
appear  in  the  hangar.  To  make  it  disappear, enter HALIFAX? as a
password.  Then,  enter a second password using an invalid combination
of characters. The Naboo Starfighter should no longer be in the hangar

All levels:
     Enter DEADDACK as a password.

All Powerups:
     Enter TOUGHGUY as a password.

Alternate title screen:
     Enter HARDROCK, BERGOWE or WATZI as a password.

Fly the Tie Interceptor on some missions:
     Enter FARMBOY as a password. Then, enter TIEDUP as a password.
     Now at the ship selection screen, highlight the Millennium Falcon
and hold Up on the Analog-stick for two seconds.

Credits Cheat:
     Enter CREDITS as a password.

Radar Code:
     Enter RADAR as a password.
     The  radar  switches  to  a different mode, where the object with
higher altitudes are displayed brighter than low-flying ships

Unlimited lives:
     Enter IGIVEUP as a password.

Control AT-ST:
     Enter CHICKEN as a password.

Use A-Wing on more missions and Increase difficulty:
     Enter ACE as a password.

View intermission sequences:
     Enter DIRECTOR as a password.
     A  new  option on the settings screen will allow the intermission
sequences to be viewed.

Fly the Millennium Falcon:
     Enter FARMBOY as a password.

Music test:
     Enter MAESTRO as a password.

Fly the Electro:
     Enter KOELSCH as a password.
     Now  at  the  ship  selection screen, the V-Wing will be replaced
with the Electro.

View development team photo:
     Enter BLAMEUS as a password.


Beggar's Canyon level:
     Earn  a  Bronze  medal  or  better  in all missions to fly a T-16
Skyhopper through Beggar's Canyon on Tatooine.

Death Star Trench level:
     Earn  a  Silver  medal  in all missions to fly in a trench on the
surface of the Death Star.

Battle of Hoth level:
     Earn  a  Gold  medal  in all missions to fly a Snowspeeder in the
Battle Of Hoth.

Ship select:
     Earn  a  Gold  medal  in  the Battle of Hoth level to select most
ships in any mission.

Explore Tatooine:
     Destroy  all  of  the probe droids that are shooting the homes on
Tatooine.  Do  not  destroy  the free flying probe droids. Explore the
planet without failing the mission.

V-Wing boost:
     The  engine boosters of the V-Wing can be used to your advantage.
Note  the speed and distance that one boost gives. When traveling far,
use them when near the destination.

Faster Death Star Trench:
     Use  the  Naboo Fighter when playing the Death Star Trench level.
It  has  more missiles and flies faster, which is very helpful in that

Impressive crash:
     Begin  game  play on the Assault On Kale 2 level with the X-Wing.
Get  total  damage without dying. Go to where Wedge gets ambushed. Use
the  canyon short cut. Press C-Right + A. If done correctly, your ship
will  fly  almost  out  of  the  atmosphere, or perhaps past it before
exploding in air.

Assault on Kale 2 shortcut:
     Use  the  V-Wing, X-Wing, or Naboo fighter and make sure you have
full  health.  Go  to  a  canyon  wall (not a corner or edge), use the
brake,  and  align the ship straight with the canyon. Use the turbo on
the  X and V-Wing, and also use the thrusters. You should see a shadow
on the top of the canyon. That is the short cut.

     To taunt the track fav hold Z before the race starts.

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