Star Wars Episode 1: Racer

To activate the cheats:
     Begin  to enter a new name in an empty save game slot, but do not
enter  your initials yet. (You must be in Tournament mode to do this.)
Hold  down  Z  and  use  L to select letters. You know you're doing it
right  when  you  see  the  letters  appear  in  small  print  at  the
bottom-left of the screen.

RRJABBA          - Invincible Pod Racer
RRTHEBEAST       - Tracks are mirrored
RRJINNRE         - Turn Mars Guo into Jinn Reeso
RRDUAL           - Access dual controller option.
RRDEBUG          - Debug mode
RRPITDROID       - Have 6 Pitdroids. (At Watto's shop, press Up, Down, 
                   Left, Right, Right, Up.)

     Once  you  have  entered  the code go to END, and again select it
with  L  while holding down the Z button. If you have entered the code
correctly  a buzzer will sound and "OK" will appear at the bottom-left
of the screen.

Dual Controller Controls:
     The  two controllers on the LEFT of your N64 unit control P1, the
two on the RIGHT control P2.

Either Z Button - Engage Thrusters after charging. 

Control Stick:
Up + Up           - Accelerate/Power Thrusters/Nose Down in midair 
Down + Down       - Brakes/Nose Up in midair 
Up + Down         - Right Turn 
Down + Up         - Left Turn 
Right + Right     - Tilt Racer to the Right 
Left + Left       - Tilt Racer to the Left 

     To  access  Debug  mode,  or the RRJABBA and RRTHEBEAST codes you
must  enter  a  race  and  push  Left,  Down,  Right,  then  Up on the
directional button. (The thing that looks like a plus sign.)

All cheats:
     Note: this code must have save slot 4 available

     After  you  type in the the RRTANGENT & ABACUS you go back to the
Main  Menu  and  press  Camara Right (C-R)& a message says in the left

     Now go to the 4 empty slot and there shall be a new file BDG with
every race complete and all racers there to choose.

Race with CY Yunga:
     First  unlock Bullseye Navior. Then go to an empty game and enter

Race with Jinn Reeso:
     First unlock Mars Guo. Then go to an empty game and enter RRJINNRE

Design team pic:
     Take  first place in all Tournament mode races, then activate the
mirror  courses  in  the Track Info Screen. When the Title Screen goes
into demo mode, press Up-C.

     Enable the Unlock All Cheats code, then, during gameplay, press R
+  Z  to  enable  auto-pilot.  You'll still have to control the speed.
Press R + Z to disable auto-pilot.

Turbo trick:
     You  get the turbo when you press Up + A and when you go over 500
km/h release A and press it again and you should go over 700 km/h.

Use Subulba's flamethrower:
     When  using  Subulba  press  (don't hold) the R button to use his

Invisible engines in two player:
     First you need to turn the Cy Yunga on, then go to two player and
then  both  players  pick  Cy  Yunga.  Now when you are racing all you
should see is the cockpit and the fire from the engine.

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