Star Fox 64

Alternate Mission Paths:
     One  of the Star Fox 64's best features is its alternate missions
paths. Here's how to access them.

     Score  100  kills  or  higher  in  Sector Y to warp to Aquas, the
submarine level.

Area 6:
     When  you  hit  the  last leg of the Macbeth stage, shoot the red
pillars  with metal direction flags on them so they turn green. Keep a
very  careful  eye  out  for them. (Hint: If you went to Zoness before
Macbeth, Katt will come and help shoot those hard-to-reach switches.)

     At the end, where the switchboard light is, a switch will appear.
Quickly  shoot  it  and the track will move to the right and watch the
boss  crash  into the supply depot. After a nice 50-point bonus you're
off to Area 6!

Sector Y:
     In  Corneria,  when  Falco is being attacked by three ships, help
him by killing the ships. When you get to the water part with the rock
arches, go under every arch. Then head right into the waterfall. Falco
will  guide  you to an alternate boss, which, when defeated, leads you
to Sector Y.

Sector Z:
     In  Sector  X, keep left at all times. You will eventually hit an
area  where  you  have  to quickly destroy white gates to pass through
them. Destroy the gates and pass through all of them to warp.

     When  Bill  tells  you to destroy the 4 hatches, destroy them and
then destroy the enemy core.

     Near  the end of Meteo you will see rings made of sharp triangles
pointing  inward.  Go  through  one and you'll jet forward in a barrel
roll.  Go  through  all of them (very tough) and it will make you fast
enough to warp to Katina.


Control the Logo:
     At  the  title  screen  you  can use the analog stick to move the
StarFox logo around. Watch Fox and his crew while you do so.

Different Opening:
     Go  to Training mode and start playing. Pause the game and push R
to  turn  off  your  sights. Now quit training mode. Without reseting,
watch  the  opening  sequence (the part that comes on when you turn on
the  N64  --  not  after  you  start the game.) What ROB64 and General
Pepper  say  is  not  printed  and  Pepper  doesn't  say everything he
normally does!

Easy Way to Earn the Meteo Medal:
     Shoot  everything you see and try to get 100 kills. Take the warp
and while inside shoot everything that you see for an easy 200 kills.

Expert Mode:
     To  unlock  the Expert Mode and the sound test Graphic Equalizer,
you must achieve medals on all 15 levels. In order to get a medal on a
level,  you  must  beat  the  stage with a specific number of hits (or
more)  and  all  of  your  wingmen alive. See "How to Earn Medals" for

Expert Versus and Training Modes:
     After  you've  activated expert mode, move the cursor on the main
screen to "Main Game" then pust left or right to select "Expert." Next
choose either Versus or Training mode. Now, all the expert rules apply
--  you take damage easier and one hit will make you lose a wing! This
is handy if are on the ground fighting Arwings in versus!

Extra Lives on Zoness:
     If  you kill 200 or more enemies on Zoneth you'll gain two lives.
To turn this windfall into nearly unlimited lives, retry the level and
kill 200 enemies again. You can repeat this as often as needed.

Get a Jump on Star Wolf at Venom 2:
     When  the  Star  Wolf  team comes in, press start around the time
Leon  makes the comment, about six seconds, for best results, and also
to  get  the  lead  on the enemy. When one of them is about to turn to
avoid  one  of  the columns with Andross's face on it, shoot them like
crazy.  If  you do it right, they won't be able to move out of the way
and  instantly  crash  into the pillar and die, regardless of how much
life  they  have. This is the easy (and quick) way to get the medal in
Venom, and you can have single lasers and still pull it off.

Harder Training Level:
     If  you  kill  100 ships in training mode, a new ship will appear
and  try to shoot you down. This ship will reappear after you kill it,
so you'll be sure to get plenty of practice.

Hidden 1-Ups:
     Sector Y: Near the end, your team will gather into a triangle. If
you speed up and make it a diamond shape you will get a 1-up.

     Venom  2: When you're about to face Andross and you have a choice
to  go  left  or right on the different forks. On the first fork, turn
right  (most  turn  left),  then  turn  left, you'll see a one up icon
spinning around.

Hidden Lasers in Meteo:
There are two hidden lasers in Meteo:
     1.  In the beginning there are 3 asteroid rings. Fly through them
and a laser will apper.

     2. When the "Big Ones Come", go through the first one and another
laser will appear. Don't do this if you have low life.

Infinite Lives in Venom 2:
     In Venom 2 when you reach the tunnel of power go right at the 1st
fork then left at the second fork. Once you follow this road you along
the  way  you  will  receive  an  extra  life. If you die while facing
Andross go through this way again and you will get another one. If you
keep dying keep going this way and you will eventually beat him.

Infinite Point Match:
     To  have  an  unlimited  point match, do this. Make sure at least
three controllers are plugged in and that you are in point match. (You
must  also be able to go on foot in battle mode.) Select any number of
points  and  then  start  your  game. Make sure that one player gets a
bomb,  while the others stand close to each other. Now have the player
with  a  bomb  damage the other 2 players until they are almost out of
life.  Shoot  your  bomb  at the other 2. You should see lots of stars
above  your  health.  Voila! Note: You now can't exit unless you pause
and exit yourself!

New Title Screen:
     For a different title screen, earn all the medals in EXPERT mode.

Play on Foot in Vs. Mode:
     To play on foot in Vs. mode, earn a medal on Venom in Expert mode.

Play with Tanks in Vs. Mode:
     To get Tanks in Vs. Mode, earn a medal on Venom.

Power Up in Venom 2:
     To  get 1 bomb, 3 gold rings, and 2 laser upgrades on Venom 2, in
the the tunnels go: Left, Right, Left, Left, Right, Right.

Refuel in Sector Z:
     When  you  arrive  at  Sector  Z and find out that you are low on
energy, you can fly into the rear hanger of your mothership (the Great
Fox.)  You  will  be treated to a mini cut-scene of your Arwing diving
into  the  ship  and  popping  out the other side with your energy bar

Secret Star Fox Art:
     Complete  the  game  in  Expert  Mode and wait for the end of the
credits.  Depending on whether you went through Venom 1 or 2, you will
get  two  different  pieces  of  art.  One  is  a  picture  of all the
characters  in  the game's heads, the other is a cool portrait shot of
the Star Fox team with the word "Great!"

Sideways Loop:
     In all-range mode, if an enemy is chasing you, push and hold Z or
R  while  pulling  the  big loop trick after you see the enemy pull in
front of you. This works very well against the Star Wolf team

Near-invincibility in multi-player mode:
     Begin game play as a human versus an opponent that is also human.
Approach your opponent and press Z to jump on him or her. The only way
for your opponent to hurt your character is if he or she shoots a bomb
and detonates it. Shoot downwards to keep hitting him or her, and make
it appear that your character is doing the splits on their head.

Homing missile:
     Charge the laser then launch a bomb when shooting at an opponent.

Defeating Andross:
     Shoot  at  Andross'  eyes until he has to rub them. Then shoot at
his  hands. If he tries to inhale you, move to the side of the screen.
When  he  spits  rocks, keep shooting them. Continue shooting his eyes
and  then  hands  and  repeat this until his head explodes. If you are
fighting  the fake Andross, you will find a robot. Just fire a bomb to
destroy  it. If you are fighting the real Andross, he will turn into a
brain. Chase his eyes and destroy them. After destroying both of them,
the brain will chase you. When it gets close enough, somersault. If he
grabbed  you,  keep pressing buttons to escape. If done correctly, you
will  now  be behind him. Shoot the gray matter and repeat until he is
defeated. After that, follow your father out or you will die.

Crazy Andross:
     When  you  go  to  Venom (easy way) when you are fighting Andross
shoot  a  bomb right into his mouth,(steam comes from his ears and his
cheeks turn red!)it's quite the laugh!

Lock-on Bomb:
     When  you are playing the game head-to-head or single-player hold
A  for  the  ball of power and lock onto someone/something and press B
the bomb should chase the target and hit it hard.

How to obtain the Ultra lazer:
     Do  20 summersault while shooting in a role and kill about 100 in
the  first  3  level  and  defeating the first 3 bosses. On the fourth
stage,  you  will start with the Ultra lazer which is like a bomb, one
shot destroy about half of everything you see which is the best way to
get alot of points.

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