Starcraft 64

To get anything but you have to pay:
     First  press  D,  C, R and L and Z. This should result in a menu.
This  menu  will  show  you  ground  units upgrades skills and special
powers, and spells.

Building Cheat Disc:
     To  get  the  Building  Cheat  Disc  that  allows your to produce
faster,  play  the  first level of Zerg Brood Wars. After you save the
first  hive  run  over  and save the second hive. After you save it go
down and hiiden in a corner is the disc.

     Get a nuclear silo &missile build lots of goust . Get cloak. Send
goust  into  enemy  base. Press c-button that tell you to launch nuke.
Then press A on target. (You must be able to see target w/ goust)

Strategy for the Protoss:
     Begin  by  making  7  probes  and then make a pylon to house more
units.  Then make more probes until you have a whole swarm of them and
then you will gain money fast. Now it's time to make 3 more pylons and
then  make  4  gateways.  At  each  gateway  make 1 zealot. Use your 4
zealots to attack the enemy. This will keep him occuppied for a while.
Then  make  a  cybernetics  core and when its done make upgrade longer
site  range  for  your  dragoons  units.  Make  a  lot of dragoons and
remember  to  construct  more pylons if you can't make any more units.
When  you  have around 20 it's time to attack and if that doesn't work
just keep on producing more dragoons until the enemy is down.

Unlimited money:
     Press  C-Up,  C-Left,  C-Right  then  C-Down  and you should have
unlimited money.

Faster building:
     Repeatedly press B on a structure to build it faster.

Strategy for the Terrans:

     Train  as  many  SCV  units  as  you can, then build at least 5-6
Supply Depots. Continue to train SCV units until you have around 20-30
of  them.  They  will  harvest  the  crystals  at a good pace. Build a
Refinery  and  command  2 other SCV's to harvest the ore. Then build a
Barracks  and  an  Engineering Bay. Train 10-20 men and they should be
able to defend the entrance to the base. Upgrade whenever you have the
crystals  and  the  vespene  gas  to spare. Build Missile Turrents all
around  the  perimeter  of  your  base  while  you build an Academy, a
Factory, a Starport, an Armory, and a Sience Facility.

     Once  you  have  the  Factory  built, train 2-4 Goliath's to help
defend  to  entrance.  Now  you  can build all the add ons. (E.G.) The
Comsat  Station  and  the  Nuclear  Silo  for  the Command Center; the
Machine  Shop for the Factory; the Control Tower for the Starport; and
the  Physics  Lab  along  with  the  Covert Ops add on for the Science
Facility.  Now build 8-12 Siege Tanks and upgrade the Siege ability in
the  Machine  Shop.  Remember to keep upgrading. Put 4 Siege tanks (in
Siege  mode)  at the entrance of your base and put 4 Goliaths in front
of  the Siege Tanks. If done correctly, your base will be impenetrable
by the enemy forces.

     If  you  are  still  paranoid  that it's not enough, then you can
build  Bunkers  in front of them. If you run out of money then you can
take up to 8 Siege Tanks along with 4 Goliaths with an SCV to hunt for
more  crystals.  If you spot the enemy immediately go into Siege mode.
The offensive attack on the enemy should be the same way. If you fight
the  mission  the same way, you shouldn't lose that many men! Remember
to  use the Siege Tanks as guards when out of the base and remember to
build Supply Depots when needed.

God mode:
     Play  through  the  game  until  you  get  to  the  third episode
(Protoss).  Successfully  complete  the  last round on that episode to
unlock God mode (Special)

Info Mana:
     Play through the game until you get to the sixth episode(Zerg/The
Last Episode). Successfully complete the last round on that episode to
unlock the Info Mana cheat.

Mega Build:
     You  can  get the Mega Build cheat disc in the first level of the
Zerg  mission  (X-1: Vile Disruption) in Brood War. After you save the
first  two  hives, go down into a corner, by following the path to the
right, and you will see a data disc. Touch it to unlock the Mega Build
cheat, which allows you to build faster.

Fog of War Off:
     Play through the game until getting to the Protoss mission (Brood
War)  X-03:  Legacy  of  the  Xel  'naga. Go to the small island after
Corsairs  fly by at the beginning of the mission. Touch the white flag
to unlock the cheat.

Give Me Cash/Gas:
     Play  through the game until getting to the Terran mission (Brood
War)  X-07:  Patriot's Blood. Locate the second Terran computer beacon
in  the room with four civilians. Use the bottom door to exit. Move to
the  right until the fire bats are encounter. Go through that area and
locate  the  Ursadon  being held in a cell. Use a marine open the cell
door  and approach the Ursadon. Move all your units into the cell when
it  asks  to  be  hugged  and  press  B. This cheat will give you 1000
minerals and gas.

Open technology tree:
     This   cheat   lets   you  build  anything  without  filling  the
requirements.  Upgrades  don't  count.  To  get  this  cheat  play the
Original  Starcraft  Protoss  missions play the level called "Into the
darkness".  When the mission begins, go down the hall until you get to
the  stairs.  Don't go down the stairs! Instead, turn to your left and
proceed down the hall. The adviser will tell you to turn back. Go back
a  little,  and  then go back toward the dead end and you will get the

Zerg Rush:
     When  you  start  off  a  new Zerg game, don't make workers. Wait
until  you have gathered 150 minerals. Make a Spawing Pool. Let your 3
remaining  workers  keep  gathering  minerals  while  you Spawing Pool
mutates.  You  should  have  150 minerals by the time it gets finished
mutating.  As  soon as it gets finished make 6 zerglings. While all of
this is happening, move your overlord across the map to find out where
the enemy is. Then send your 6 zerglings to kill them.

All Upgrades:
     When you are the terran, play level 4, "The Jacobs Installation."
You  will start out in a room with one door. Bring only Raynor through
the  door  and  through  the hall without opening any doors yet. There
will  be  a  missle wall trap at the end of the hallway, don't destroy
it,  instead  go  through the hallway at the top right of your screen.
Down  the hallway there will be an orange civillian. He should ask for
mercy  and  says he will give you a cheat if you spare him. Go on past
him  without  killing  him,  use  the portal and activate the security
cameras  and go back past him without killing him. Now, bring the rest
of  your force and continue with the level by going through one of the
top  doors  and  he should tell you he is grateful for you not killing
him and he gives you the cheat.

Free Zerg Creep:
     When  playing  a  Zerg  mission to where you can save it, build a
hatchery or creep colony. Save then load it up. Free creep.

All Researches:
     Go to Zerg Episode 2 level, The Amergo, when you kill the marines
attacking  the  zerglings  in  the  cage. Go right till you unlock all
prison  cell  doors. have Kerrigan go into the animal cell all the way

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