Pokemon Snap

Muk says F***
     Throw  an apple at both Grimers at the begining of the Cave. Then
at  the  ledges you will see Muk. Then since you hit both Grimer's Muk
is  mad  and  it  appears  to  look as if Muk is giving you the middle

Perfect Pose score for Mew:
     Wen  Mew  flies  by  peg him with a pester ball and Mew will spin
around then snap him.

Get snaps on each and every of the pokemon instantly:
     Get  a  shot of snorlack and pikachu at the same time. Rarely see
one  though. But if you do, take the picture and you will earn all the
snapshot of all the pokemons instantly.

Get close-up pic of Lapras:
     Beach  -  At  the  beginning, look for Lapras out at sea. Take at
least  3  pics of him. Then near the first Meowth chasing Pidgey, take
another  3 pics of Lapras. Then look to your right just before you get
to Kangaskahn for close-in Lapras.

Balloon Pikachu!:
     To  get  balloon pikachu go in the Cave level and when you get up
to the part where a Zubat is flying pikachu around the top of the cave
shoot a pester ball and Pikachu will fall down then some balloons will
attach to him and he'll float down!Snap him to get over 6000 points!!

Get Blastoise:
     Go  to  the  levell  where you see about 7 squirtle shells on the
water. Then you throw as many pesterballs as you can then he will jump
out  of  the  water  with  some  squirtles. [P.S. Only works when game

Snap Pikachu eating an apple:
     Throw  some  apples  at  Pikachu. He will start eating the apples
close. When he is eating the apple, snap 'em. You will have to do this
quick 'cause Pikachu eats the apples very fast.

     MAGNETON:  To  get  Magneton, throw Pokemon food toward the three
Magnemite. If they're close enough they'll link up into Magneton.

     DUGTRIO: When you see Diglett, take a picture of it. Take another
picture  of  Diglett  when  Pikachu moves. Do this step again. Dugtrio
will appear after the third Diglett.

     SLOWBRO:  Lead  Slowpoke  with the Pokemon food toward the wooden
Shellder sign. Slowpoke will stick his tail in the water and evolve.

     STARMIE: Take a picture of Staryu when it's facing you. If you're
lucky,  Staryu's  jewel will change color. Staryu starts to follow you
and  jumps  into  the whirlpool. You have to quickly take a picture of
Starmie before it disappears.

     MUK:  Get the second Grimer to face you, then take some pictures.
When you see the three Dittos pretending to be Bulbasaur throw four or
five Pester Balls at the Grimer on the left.

     You half to have betten the Valley level to use this code.

Beach sign
     When  you get to pikachu turn to the right and hold the Z button.
When  the  RED  light  turns on you will see some stones shaped like a
krabby snap a picture of it.

Tunnel sign
     When  you  reach the Pikachu close to an egg lure Pikachu over to
the  egg. Then play the poke flute. Pikachu will do an electric shock.
Zapados  will  burst out of the egg. snap some pics of it. Zapdos will
turn  on a machine. LATER after you pass the 2 Electabuzz You will see
a large shadow take a picture of it.

Volcano sign
     At  the beginning of the level look to the right when you see the
first volcano throw a pester ball in it. If you see a face come out of
the volcano Take a picture of it.

River sign
     When  you  get to the Vileplume play the poke flute the vileplume
will  start dancing. If you look up you will see a giant cubone take a
picture  of  it while the Vileplume is dancing and the smoke is out of
the way.

Cave sign
     When  you  get  a little past the weepinbell turn to the left you
will  see  some  stars  the  pictures  of those stars. you Must take a
picture  of  a  star  not in between two stars. NOTE: For best results
take a picture of the brightest star close to the middle.

Valley sign
     In  the very begining You will see a big mountain. take a picture
of the middle head. You can't miss this one.

Zapdos pic:
     In  the  tunnel  level  there  is another unhatched egg. Lure the
Pikachu  near  it  closer to it with apples. When Pikachu jumps on the
egg play the flute for a wonderful electric show! Zapdos will start to
fire up the old energy plant too.

Better Pic of Sandslash:
     Go to the place in the valley where there are two geodudes on one
moutain  to  your  left  and throw pester balls at them(if one of them
gets  back  on the moutain this trick won't work),then a graveler will
fall down and a sandslash will pop out

Bigger Grimer and Muk:
     Take   pictures   of  Grimer  in  the  beginning  of  the  tunnel
level(three  to  be  safe)  and  the will be a grimer on a stump and a
grimer  on a ledge.If you take a picture of the grimer on the ledge it
will  give  more points because of size. Evolve it into Muk by hitting
with a pester ball 3 times.

Pikachu and Mew:
     The  highest  Pikachu  you  can get is Pikachu on Articuno in the
cave  and  that is 8,000 points. And the highest you can get on Mew is

The Secret Switch:
In order to do this trick you must be on the River stage. 
1.Go threw the Metepod Tunnel
2.Look on the right side .
3.Look for something goin up and down on the roks it is the same color 
4.There will be 3 of them at the last one throw a pester ball at it
5.A Porygon will pop out and jump on a putten and tht is the end.
You can also take a pic of porygon 2 

Double the Poke'mon:
     This cheat gives you 1 more of every poke'mon you have. To enter:
C-Left, C-Right, A, B, B, Right, Right, A and L, R

Have all Pokemon Pictures in One Shot!:
     While  taking  a  picture  of a pokemon hold down A, B, R, Z, and
then press all the C buttons.

Freeze Pokemon:
     This is hard to do but when you see a pokemon throw a pester ball
right  at  it. The pokemon will be stunned for a while, so you can get
right up to it an get a good picture

Get Pikachu on a Voltorb:
     First  go  to  the  tunnel level and take a pic of Pikachu and he
will  move take another pic of him and he will move again and wait and
he will get on the Voltorb.

Get charizaed & other rare pokemon:

     1.Charizard-knock  the  charmeleon  in  the mini-lava pool with a
pester ball

     2.Victrebell-do  the  same  thing  as  #1  but  to the weepinbell
jumping around the cave pool

     3.Singing  jiggly  puffs-hit  the 3 koffings chasing the 3 jiggly
puffs  in the cave to see the 'puffs sing near the end NOTE:don't play
flute when watching them sing.

     4.Regular  colored Porygon-in the river/jungle level look for the
tip of the porygon's mouth against a hill. Then throw a pester ball at
it.  If  he pops out hit him 2-3 times with an apple to see him change
to his true colors:pink n blue.

     5.Dancing  Gravelers  and  a SandSLASH-to get sandslash knock the
two  geodudes  down  that have the graveler over them.If they are both
down  a  sandslash  pops up and a graveler jumps down Further down the
river  when  you  almost  stop  and a staryu is flying around play the
pokeflute and turn left to see 3 dancing gravelers.

     6.Stumped, surfer, and rolling pikachu

     ...1.stumped-in  the  first  thick  grass in the beach level keep
throwing  pester  balls  untill  you see Scyther pop out, move around,
then  fly  away.  Then  watch  2  pikachus  hop  on  the 2 stumps.Play
pokeflute  then  take  a picture while they shock the ground for MONDO

     ...2.surfer-in  the  beach  level  throw  apples  in front of the
pikachu so you lead him to the surfboard, he jumps on so SNAP HIM!

     ...3.roller-in  the tunnel take a picture of the first pikachu to
make  him  move,  quickly  do  it  again  and he'll hop on the rolling
electrode...SNAP  HIM...then  watch  the electrode explode and pikachu

     7.Fighting  magmars-throw  an  apple between the two magmars near
the end of the volcano to make them fight...HOT SHOT!!

Evolve Charmeleon to Charizard:
     First  go  to  the  volcano level then find charmeleon.After that
wait  till  it`s  blocking  your way the through an apple at it and it
will fall into the lava and evolve into charizard.Oh by the way if you
want charizard to throw fire just throw an apple at it.



     To  photograph  a  Charizard, throw an apple at the Charmeleon by
the  lava pool near the end of the volcanic level. If you knock him in
the lava he will evolve into a Charizard.

Get Muk:
     In the Cave there are two grimers. Take lots of pictures of them.
When  the third appears near the three bulbasaurs, take a picture. Now
throw lots of pester balls at him. He will evolve into Muk.

Ghost Photos:
     In the first tunnel, take pictures of the purple myst that floats
around. When they develop you'll have a picture of Haunter.

Group of Charmanders:
     To  find  a group of Charmander, go to to the place where you can
find  the  Moltres  egg.  The  pelt  the egg with pokemon food, and if
you've   recieved  pester  balls,  throw  those.  Then  you'll  see  a
Charmander  call his buddies. From then on, it's a waiting game. After
the  Charmander  come,  take a picture and you'll recieve bonus points
from Professor Oak.

Mythical Birds:
     Each of the three birds will be in an egg.

     The  first Mythical bird is Moltres (he is in the Volcano level),
he  will  be easy to find since his egg is blocking your path. all you
have  to  do  is  hit  the egg with pokemon food or pester balls and a
moltres will emerge from the hot lava

     To  get  Zapdos  you  must lure pikachu to the egg sitting in the
tunnel then play a pokeflute. If you did it right pikachu will hit the
egg  and  he will shoot the egg out and the egg will blow up revealing

     Articuno: Play your Pokeflute when you see the Jynx and the egg.

Posing Pikachus:
     It  seems everyone's favorite Pokemon is just looking for a photo
op. Here's some locations for some very special photographs.

     To see Pikachu rolling on a ball go to the Tunnel. When you start
the  stage  take  pictures  of the Pikachu immediately. He should move
farther  down.  Keep  taking  his  picture. He will stop and jump on a
rolling  Electrode.  To see Speed Pikachu go to the River. At the very
end on your left you should see Pikachu hiding behind a tree. Throw an
apple  at  Pikachu  and it should fall down. Then he will run back and
forth  as  the  Speed Pikachu. To see Pikachu surfing go to the Beach.
Throw  apples  at  the  first Pikachu you see. Throw the apples on the
right  side of your tracks. There will be a surf board there so try to
lead  him  there. If you do it right he will surf. To see Pikachu on a
stump  go  to the Beach stage. The first time you see Meowth chasing a
pidgey  out  of the long grass, throw pester balls into the long grass
to  get  Scyther. After you get Scyther, 2 Pikachus should come out to
the  stump  on your left side. Lead them with apples and play the poke

     In  the  cave,  towards  the  end,  you will see a zubat carrying
Pkachu.  Hit  the  zubat  with  apples  and pesterballs until he drops
Pikachu.  Pikachu  will sprout balloons and fly away.Save Pikachu from
the  Zubat in the Cave and awaken Articuno from his egg by playing the
Pokeflute.  When  you  get  to  the  end  of  the  level next to where
Jigglypuff's  stage  is,  turn around and you'll see Pikachu riding on

Rainbow Cloud Stage:
     To  get  to  the  secret level (Level #7 The Rainbow Cloud Stage)
take pictures of these following landmarks on all of the 6 stages:

     Stage#1  -  The  Kingler  rock formation is on the left after you
pass Pikachu's surfboard.

     Stage#2  -  The  Pinsir  shadow  will  appear some time after you
release  the  Zapdos from the beginning of the level. You will see the
Pinser shadow on the right after you pass the second Electabuzz.

     Stage#3  -  The  Koffing  cloud  appears  on the left at the very
beginning of the level.

     Stage#4  -  The Cubone rock formation will be above the Vileplume
you  see  (to see the Vileplume play the Pokeflute in front of a large
purple bag you see near the beginning of the level.)

     Stage#5 - Mewtwo's energy form will appear on the left soon after
you see the Weepinbell.

     Stage#6  -  The  Dugtrio Rocks are right in front of you when you
start the level.

Save the Jigglypuff:
     On  Level 5 there will be a koffing chasing a jigglypuff in three
different  spots. Throw pokemon food or pester balls at the koffing to
make them stop. If you free all 3 jigglypuff they will sing for you at
the end of the level.

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