NFL Blitz 64


On-side kick:
     Hold Turbo + Jump + Pass + Up after scoring.

Extra blocker:
     Hold Turbo + Jump + Pass while hiking the ball.

Hide plays:
     Press Up(2) at the play selection screen to remove the pointer.

No Shoes:
     When  the  announcer  says  "Who's Playing?", enter the following
code: Z, Z, B, B, B, B, B, B, B, A, A, Up and your team's players will
not have shoes.

Weather Control:
     Enter these codes on the Matchup screen.

Clear Skies 2-1-2 Left
Rain 5-5-5 Right
Snow 5-2-5 Down
Fog 0-3-0 Down
Thick Fog 0-4-1 Down

Onside kick:
     Score  a  touchdown,  then select free point when the play screen
appears. Then, immediately hold Z + A + B + R + Analog-stick Up.

Skip first quarter and third quarter intermissions:
     Hold Z + A + B at the end of the first or third quarters.

Random team selection:
     Press Analog-stick Left + Z at the team selection screen.

Sound effect:
     Hold Up and press A + B + Z after a play for a bullet sound effect.

Avoid fumbles:
     Do not use the spin move when other players are right next to you.

Easy 90 rating at the end of the season:
     Run  the ball most of the time and get good runs. Pass every once
in a while, but try to limit your play selection to runs.

Win by losing:
     Select  season  mode and intentionally lose a game by 130 points.
Your  loss  will  be counted as a win. Note: This may not be done in a
playoff game.

Quarterback view:
     Select a passing play, jump out of bounds, and pass the ball when 

Touch back:
     Catch  the ball in the end zone, then run and jump out one of the
sides.  Your player cannot leave the end zone and run back in and jump
out. If he does it is a Safety for the other team.


Hidden players:
     Select  the  "Enter Name For Record Keeping" option and enter one
of the following player names and PIN numbers. The phrase "Lights out,
baby" will be spoken to confirm correct code entry

Name     PIN        Player
BETH     7761
BILLZ    0526
BRAIN    1111       Brain
BRIAN    0818
CARLTN   1111       Headless Guy
DANIEL   0604       Dan Thompson
DBN      6969
ED       3246
FORDEN   1111       Dan Forden
GATSON   1111
GENE     0310
GENTIL   1111       Jim Gentile
GRINCH   2220
GUIDO    6765
JAPPLE   6660       Jeff Johnson
JASON    3141       Jason Skiles
JENIFR   3333       Jennifer Hedrick
JIMK     5651
JOHN     5158
JOSH     4288
KENNY    1212       Kenny from South Park
LT       7777
LUIS     3333       Luis Mangubat
MARKA    1112
MIKE     3333       Mike Lynch
MITCH    4393
MONTY    1836
NICO     4440
PAULA    0425
PAULO    0517
RAIDEN   3691       Raiden from Mortal Kombat
ROG      8148
ROOT     6000       John Root
RYAN     1029
SAL      0201       Sal Divita
SHINOK   8337       Shinnok from Mortal Kombat
SHUN     0530
SKULL    1111       Skull
THUG     1111
TODD     1122
TURMEL   0322       Mark Turmell
VAN      1234
ZZ       1221


Cheat mode:
     Press  Turbo  (default  is  Z),  Jump  (default  is  B), and Pass
(default  is  A)  to  change the icons below the helmets on the versus
screen. The numbers in the following list indicate the number of times
each  button  is pressed. After the icons have been changed, press the
D-pad  or  Analog-stick in the indicated direction to enable the code.
The  name  of  the  code  and a sound will confirm correct code entry.
Example, to enter 1-2-3 Left, press Turbo, Jump(2), Pass(3), Left.

1 = Two player agreement required.
2 = Only in two-player game.
3 = Only in one-player game.

Effect                  Code
Super field goals       1-2-3 Left
Allow stepping OB       2-1-1 Left
Power-up blockers       3-1-2 Left
Fast passes             2-5-0 Left
Turn off stadium        5-0-0 Left
Late hits               0-1-0 Up
Huge head               0-4-0 Up
No first                downs 2-1-0 Up
No interceptions        3-4-4 Up
No punting              1-5-1 Up
Infinite turbo          5-1-4 Up
Super blitzing          0-4-5 Up
Power-up teammates      2-3-3 Up
Power-up defense        4-2-1 Up
Fog on                  0-3-0 Down
Thick fog on            0-4-1 Down
Show field goal %       0-0-1 Down
No random fumbles       4-2-3 Down
Hide receiver name      1-0-2 Right
Big football            0-5-0 Right
Team tiny players       3-1-0 Right
Team big players        1-4-1 Right
Team big heads          2-0-3 Right
Big head                2-0-0 Right
No play selection1      1-1-5 Left
Show more field1        0-2-1 Right
No CPU assistance1      0-1-2 Down
Power-up speed1         4-0-4 Left
Tournament mode2        1-1-1 Down
Smart CPU opponent3     3-1-4 Down
No head                 3-2-1 Left
Weather: clear          2-1-2 Left
Weather: snow           5-2-5 Down
Weather: rain           5-5-5 Right
Power-up offense        3-1-2 Up
Invisible receiver      3-3-3 Left
Headless team           1-2-3 Right
Night game              2-2-2 Right
Fast turbo running      0-3-2 Left
Invisible               4-3-3 Up
Hyper blitz1            5-5-5 Up

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