Monster Truck Madness 64

Cheat codes:

Turbo Mode: Enter this code as a password: CFFNYN 
Unlimited missiles: Enter this code as a password: Y-WNT-T 
Programmer on textures: Enter this code as a password: JMPNG 

Bigfoot paintjob:
     At  the  code  screen,  enter  bgftwshr, this gives bigfoot a new
paint job and makes him go 175mph!

Aztec Valley track:
     Complete a circuit on easy.

Alpine Challenge track:
     Complete a circuit on medium.

Death Trap track:
     Complete a circuit on hard.

Get Sound Effects:
     Press Up to get various effects

     You  can  press  Down  to use the horn. Different horns are given
during each race

Low Rider:
     At the code screen put in YRDR

Alternate textures:
     Enter JMPNG as a password.

Ability to Fly:
     Enter HVR_PNK as a password.

Full-time missiles:
     Enter Y WNT T as a password

Weird Mode:
     Enter JMPR as a password

Get Packer Smasher Truck:
     At the start screen press C-Down, C-Up, A, Z, R, B.

Gut bomb:
     Enter BRPS as a password.

Runes hiding places:
     Go  to  the corner of the second highest level of the gray tower.
There  is  a  hole on the side near the Hover that can be used to hide
in.  If  two monster trucks are placed in the hole, one will go flying
out.  Drive  on  the  road  where Nitro and Hover are located. A small
building  will  come  into  view  after the jump. Use Hover or Diamond
Invisibility to enter the building.

Entering the Ancient Temple:
     Go  to the Ancient Temple located at the southwestern part of the
Ruins  Track.  There  are  four  entrances but only one can be used to
enter.  The real entrance is on the side farthest away from the track.
Once in the entrance, turn left and accelerate to enter the temple.

Crushed truck:
     Get  the shrinker missile. Shrink your opponents, then crash into
them.  When  they  become large again they will be crushed. Note: They
trucks  will  only  be  crushed  for a short period of time. They will
slowly regain their original size.

No shocks:
     Enable  the  "Low  rider  trucks" code and begin game play in two
player  mode.  Collect  a shrinker missile, then shoot it at the other
player's truck. That truck will appear to be only body and wheels.

Big tires when hovering:
     Note: Two players are required to perform this trick. Have player
one  get  the  hover power-up and player two get the shrinker missile.
Then, have player one use the hover and begin to fly. While player one
is in the air, have player two use the shrinker. The truck will shrink
but the tires will remain the same size.

Outside view:
     If  you  go to the outside view of the truck, turn the view so it
faces  either  the front or back of the truck. Then, zoom in as far as
you  can without going to cockpit view, then mash the throttle, you'll
be  able  to  see the front or back wheels steer on the truck, and the
suspension work.


Level Passwords:


     G[Up Arrow][Star]NJ2L0

Junk Yard:

The Heights:
     M[Star]OT1Q9R[Left Arrow]

Voodoo Island:
     P[Left Arrow]3W4TC[Star][Left Arrow]F[Up Arrow]

Greenhill Pass:
     5[Up Arrow]627WFX9[Left Arrow]23G

     V[Left Arrow]92[Up Arrow]2[Down Arrow]0CL56B5V

Aztec Valley:
     YYC5D2L3F[Right Arrow]89[Down Arrow]8[Right Arrow]B7



Junk Yard:

The Heights:
     MJMPT[Right Arrow]XRN

Voodoo Island:

Greenhill Pass:
     SBSV2[Star]3XBC[Up Arrow]4[Down Arrow]

     VBVY2X60[Down Arrow]FD7B2M

Aztec Valley:
     YFY15093H[Left Arrow]G[Up Arrow][Down Arrow]5675

Alpine Challenge:
     1N1483C6KLJDH89[Up Arrow]G4N


     GKGH[Up Arrow]G[Star][Left Arrow]

Junk Yard:

The Heights:
     MSMN[Right Arrow]M7QW

Voodoo Island:
     PKPQRP[Up Arrow]T793

Greenhill Pass:
     SKST[Star]SDW[Up Arrow]C61R


Aztec Valley:
     YGY209YJ2G[Left Arrow]C796462

Alpine Challenge:
     101231M5JLF[Up Arrow]C979S0D

Death Trap:
     404564P8M[Right Arrow][Left Arrow]DFC[Up Arrow]CV32KC

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