Mario Kart 64


Turbo start:
     Press  A  to accelerate at the instant between the dimming of the
second  light  and  the flashing of the blue light at the start of the
race.  Performed correctly, your kart will rapidly accelerate ahead of
the  other  racers.  Note  that accelerating too soon will result in a
spin out.

Banana peel recovery:
     When  a  banana  peel is run over, immediately hold the brake for
one  second,  then accelerate to avoid skidding or losing a balloon in
battle mode.

     Align  your  kart behind the next racer. Wisps of air will appear
from  the  sides of your kart. The small speed increase that your kart
will gain should be enough to pass the racer that is being followed.

Mini-turbo slide:
     Hold  R  to  slide around a corner, and press the Analog-stick to
steer  in  the  direction of the turn, then to the opposite direction.
The  smoke  from  your  kart  will change from white to yellow if done
correctly.  Continue to hold R and repeat the steering motion with the
Analog-stick  to  change  the smoke from yellow to red. Release R once
the  smoke  becomes  red. The speed of your kart should increase for a
few seconds.

Quick restart:
     After falling off a course, watch as Lukita places your kart back
on  the track. Press A when your kart is two or three tire widths from
the track to immediately resume the race.

Mirrored courses:
     Win  the  gold  cup  in the 150cc class. After the Nintendo 64 is
reset,  the  title screen will change to confirm that mirrored courses
are  enabled.  Enter  the  150cc  option  under  GP mode to access the
courses.  Note that when racing the mirrored Toads' Turnpike, you will
be going against the traffic.

Mario 64 castle:
     Follow  the yellow road to the right of the big jump on the Royal
Raceway course to reach the castle from Mario 64.

Super Cornering:
     1.  Press  and  hold  R  and the joystick while turning. (Left or
Right it doesn't matter)
     2.  Behind  the  car dust should be coming out in the form of a V
then it will change to a gray E.
     3.  (If  turning  left)  Click  the control stick right then back
left. The E's should now turn yellow.
     4. Repeat and the E's should turn red.
     5. Release R and you car will get a burst of speed.
     6.  Note  the  moving  of  the stick changes how hard your car is
turning, keep your car in control.
     7.  Try  this  trick on Rainbow Road, you can do it three or four
times  in one turn. (This is essential for beating the computer in the
harder levels)

Shortcut in Royal Raceway:
     When  you off the big self prepelled ramp take asharp left and if
you  make  it you will be right by the finish lineif you don`t make it
you`ll run into the mountain or you`ll just miss.

Rainbow road shortcut:
     After you start, when the hill starts to go down turn and jump of
the  side  of the road. It takes good timing and practice to know when
to jump but it cuts off about a quarter of the race.

View Mario Raceway record:
     Press R at the title screen to see the best time trial record for
Mario Raceway.

Course ghost racers:
     Enter  time  trial  mode  and complete a course, beating the time
indicated  below.  Then,  select "Retry" to race the course again. The
phrase  "Now Meet the Course Ghost" will appear. The course ghosts are
automatically saved to the cartridge for future replay without beating
the course time again.

Mario Raceway 1'30"00 
Luigi Raceway 1'52"00 
Royal Raceway 2'40"00 

Protect yourself:
     You  can  protect yourself from getting hit by shells, or you can
get  back at other racers with this trick. Make sure you have a single
or  multiple  bananas,  or  a  single  shell. Hold Z instead of simply
pressing  the  button. The power-up will now be in back of your racer.
If  another  racer  shoots a shell at you, the banana/shell will block
it.  You can also hold the power-up until a racer gets in back of your

Throw a shell behind your kart:
     Get a single red or green shell. Hold Z, press Analog-stick Down,
then  release  Z.  If  done correctly, the shell should shoot straight
behind your kart.

Hop into first place:
     Use  the  "Turbo  start" trick, then hop on one of other karts at
the  start of a race. If done correctly, your kart will hop into first

Wario Stadium shortcut:
     Note the first bump right after starting a race at Wario Stadium.
When  the race starts, turn around and go back a short distance. Next,
accelerate  to  the  left  side of the bump. Press R a couple of times
when  you are at the top of the bump. If done correctly, you will land
on the other side of the wall, cutting off half or more of the race.

Yoshi's track shortcut:
     Start racing and get to the area where all the routes combine. Go
to  the left until you see where the fence ends. After that, look down
and  you  will  see  the  other side of the track. Get to the location
where  the  shortest jump is, then go back a little bit. Speed up, cut
the wheel to that short jump area, and press R. If done correctly, you
will  then  end  up on that side of the track, giving yourself a lead.
Note:  You do not always have to stop; but doing so may help until you
are used to the trick.

Beach shortcut:
     On  the  beach  level if you haven't gotten a mushroom or star by
the  time  you reach the arch, then get one of the boxes. If you get a
star  or a mushroom, keep going until you see a ramp with a cave ahead
of  it,  then go up the ramp and use the mushroom or star. You will go
flying  forward into the cave, which is a shortcut. If you don't get a
mushroom  or  a star, then make a sharp turn right and there will be a
path going across the water as a shortcut.



Luigi,(need two or more players.):
     First  pass  a  lap and get the itembox from the hot air balloon.
Then  go  to  the finish line. Then line up with the white line by the
mountain.  The  person with spiny shell hold it. The other person goes
to  the opposite side of the track then charge at the spiny shell. You
will fly through the mountain and land in the bridge.

Toads turnpike:
     Must  have  2  players.  First  one gets shield power. Then go to
intersection  on track. Plyers get on opposite sides of the track. The
person  with the shield power turns it on. The other person charges at
the person with the shield power. He then goes through the wall and on
to the track. He lands inside a tunnel. This counts as a lap.

Royal Raceway (Not use heavy people):
     In  expert  mode Race untill you are at the ramp when you hit the
boooster  make  a  hard  left. Not to hard or you will go in the moat.
When  you  hit  mountain side, hold control stick up, hold 'A' button,
and rapidly press 'R, and you are on the mountain ledge.

Invisible boxes:
     Put out many fake item boxs, and a few will be invisible.(You can
Still blow up when you hit the invisible prize box.)

Double Speed driving:
     Press  A,  B,  B,  A,  C-Up,  C-Down  quickly  when  you are done
selecting  a  player  to  drive.  During  the  game,  if  the  code is
sucessful, you will move twice as fast as the computer or the oponent.
You will finish with two lap before the computer even finish with one.
You will be overlaping them.

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