Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask

Jump Forward to 6 o'clock:
     Play  this  song with the Ocarina to travel forward to 6 o'clock:
C-Right, C-Right, A, A, C-Down, C-Down

Travel back in time:
     Play  the  song  of time and you will fall back to the first day.
You  will  be asked to save, say yes and you will travel back. If done
correctly,  the  screen  will  say 72 hours, 3 days remaining. This is
good  if you are running out of time and you are too far away from the
clock tower

Slow down time:
     Play  the  folowing  song  on  your ocarina. "C-down, A, C-right,
C-down,  A,  C-right" You will now be able to move freely without slow
motion keeping Link down.

No damage:
     To  use  the  Blast  Mask without taking damage, simply hold R to
raise  your  shield before detonating. This is VERY helpful if you run
out of bombs but need to blow something up.

Getting Stray Fairies:
     See  a  stray  fairy that you got to have, but can't get it? Wear
the  fairy  mask that the great fairy gave to you for helping her out,
and the stray fairy will come to you.

Frog Locations:
1.Laundry Pool
2.River Ride
3.Woodfall Temple in mini-boss room
4.Mountain Village after Snowhead Temple is cleared
5.Great Bay Temple in mini-boss room 

     Once you have located all the frogs, use Don Gero's mask to speak
to  them.  Re-unite them in the Mountain Village after you defeat Goht
to get a Heart Piece.

Song of Healing: C-Left, C-Right, C-Down, C-Left, C-Right, C-Down
Song of Soaring: C-Down, C-Left, C-Up, C-Down, C-Left, C-Up
Goron Lullaby: A, C-Right, C-Left, A, C-Right, C-Left, C-Right, A
New Wave Bossanova: C-Left, C-Up, C-Left, C-Right, down, C-Left,
Elegy of Emtiness: C-Right, C-Left, C-Right, C-Down, C-Right, C-Up,
Oath to Order: C-Right, C-Down, A, C-Down, C-Right, C-Up
Song of Double Time: C-Right, C-Right, A, A, C-Down, C-Down
Inverted Song of Time: C-Down, A, C-Right, down, A, C-Right ? 

How to get The Mask Of Scents:
Who: Deku Butler
Where: Deku cave
     After  rescuing  the Deku princess and returning her to the royal
Chamber,  her  butler  will  offer you a reward. Visit Him in the Deku
cave to race him for the Mask of Scents.

How to get the Mask of Truth:
     When  you  are in the sea area you must swim to a building in the
sea.  When  you go in there is a cage with two fish in it. Go get some
fish  for  them.  When  you trow a fish in, one of them eats the fish.
When  you  give both fish ten other fishes you receive a mask from the
guy  how  standing  there.  Put  on the mask and go to the paradise of
spiders  on the beach. Go in and all the spiders are coming to you and
you get the Mask of Thruth.

Become super strong Link:
     Defeat the game once and start a new game entering LINKMAN as the
file name. Link will be alot stronger and faster.

How to get Zora's mask:
     To  get  the  mask  you must get Link's horse and go to great bay
then  where  the  reserch lab is if you look were a bunch of birds are
you'll  probably  see  some  thing  in the water you take it ashore by
pushing  it and you talk to it after that you play the song of healing
and then you get the mask

The final five:
     In the final five minutes, if you go to the sword masters traning
hut  and he is not there go up on the stage thing and hit the japanese
written  wood, this will uncover a hidden room where you'll find a few
jars and the "sword master" quivering in the corner.

An easy ways to get rupies:
     At  night you go to the post office and find the postman traning,
wearing  the bunny hood, interupt him, he will ask you to try, say yes
hit the timer try to get 10 seconds if you do you will get 50 rupies.



How to get Romani's mask:
     After  you  get the Goron mask and are able to carry powder kegs,
go  to milk road and blow up the boulder in the road on the first day,
go  talk  to  romani  as link to help her at night defending the cows.
Make  sure  you  talk to her big sister after you blow up the boulder.
Then,  when  you  do  that,  come  back and hitch a ride with romani's
sister  and  help  her  get her wagon of milk to the inn. When you get
past the guys that wanna take her milk, she rewards your help with the
romani's mask.

How to get Giant's mask:
     Right  before  you get to the boss in the stone tower temple, you
have  to  kill  the  eyegore guy right before the door. After you kill
him, a treasure chest appears and you get the giant's mask.

How to get Kafei's Mask:
     Agree  to help Mayor Dotour's wife to find Kafei and you will get
Kafei's  mask  which is a great help in a lot of the trading sequences
and other significant things.

How to get Don Gero's Mask:
     Go  to the Goron Shrine in Mountain Village, then find the father
Goron  which  is by the part where that one boulder is that blocks the
path  to  the  place where the goron races are held, then get the song
from  him,  play it for the baby goron so he goes to sleep, then light
all the torches so the chandelier starts moving. Break the on that has
the  rock  serloin  in and take it to the goron by the smithy shop for
the mask.

How to get Blast Mask:
     First  Night: At about 12:30 on the first night you should see an
old  lady  carrying  a  bomb  bag to the store. If you see that you're
doing  the  right thing so far; now wait till Sakon takes her bag then
attack him. If you do it right and don't exit the screen you should be
able to get the Blast mask.

How to get Bremen Mask:
     Talk  to  the  guy as he plays his instrument at the laundry pool
(off of South Clock Town) for the Bremen Mask.

How to get Bunny Hood:
     Talk  to Grog (at the ranch, find the cucco shack), make sure you
have  the  Bremen mask, play the Bremen mask for the baby shicks until
you have all the chicks; then the chicks become adults and Grog should
give you the Bunny Hood.

How to get Captain's Hat:
     Play  the  Sonata  of  Awakening for Skull Keeta in Ikana Canyon,
beat  him,  go  up the hill after you beat, jump across (on the raised
sides would be easier) then open the treasure chest.

How to get Circus Leader's Mask:
     1st  or  2nd  night  make sure you have all of the transformation
masks  and  the  zora  with the sound test by playing all four of your
instruments. After you do that, the guy at the bar should give you the
circus leader's mask.

How to get Couple's Mask:
     Make  sure  you  have  Kafei's Mask, get the key from Anju in the
afternoon of the first day (before the Goron gets it), set the meeting
up  with  Anju  at 11:30 about, get the letter from her and mail it b4
the  afternoon  of  the  next  day,  meet Kafei and the mailman at the
laundry  pool  on  teh  bridge  at about 2:30-3:00, get the pendant of
memories  from  Kafei  when  he  goes  back into his hideout, give the
Pendant of memories to Anju, talk to the curiosity shop owner (back in
kafei's hideout) to get the Keaton Mask and the "Letter To Mama" which
you  can  give  to  her  personally or give to her by giving it to the
mailman  and  then  waiting outside to talk to him after he comes back
out,  meet  Kafei at Sakon's hideout in Ikana Canyon, get the mask for
him,  then  a  couple hours later 4:00 am to 6:00am of the final night
meet  Kafei and Anju at Stock Pot Inn in the "Employees Only" room for
the Couple's Mask.

How to get Gibdo Mask:
     Use  the  Song of Storms to uncurse Sharp in the cave, then enter
the  music  box house without being seen "entering" the place, go down
to  the  basement, play the song of healing for pamela's father to get
the Gibdo Mask and have a "Father - Daughter" scene.

How to get Kamaro's Mask:
     From  midnight  to  6  in  the  morning  on  any night, go to the
mushroom  stone  with  the  circle  of rocks in the middle where a man
dances.  Play the Song of Healing for him to get the Kamaro Mask which
makes  you  able  to  play  the Kamaro's Mask for the Rosa Sisters for
another Heart Piece.

     Use  the  Z  button  a lot (to face the direction you want and to
target enemies). It really helps. And when you can go to the Stock Pot
Inn  to  get some Chateau Romani Milk so you have unlimited magic (you
need the Romani's mask)



How to get the Stone Mask:
     Ride  outside  the Ikaka Canyon entrance and use the eye of truth
to  find a guard inside a pile of rocks. Give him a red or blue potion
and he will give you the stone mask.

How to get the Fierce Dietys Mask:
     On the moon stage after you give all 20 happy masks away, talk to
the  skull  kid  by the tree and tell him you do want to play. He will
give you the Fierce Dietys Mask.

How to get Don Geros mask:
     The  goron  in  the mountain village asks you for food. Go to the
place  where  the  baby goron is crying. Play the goron lulyby to make
him  go  to  sleep.  The torches in that room will light up. Get out a
deku  stick and with your bow shoot the middle of the chandelier. Roll
as  a  goron  to  break the pots. A rock sirloin will come out of one.
Take  it to the goron in the village and he will roll down and as your
reward for helping him he will give you Don Geros mask.

How to get The Garos Mask:
     Get  your horse, and race the Gorman Brothers,you must beat them.
Then  as a reward they give you The Garos Mask. Use this mask to fight
the Garo Spirits in Ikana Canyon.

How to get The Mask of Truth:
     Beat  The House of Skulltula and the spider turns human and gives
you the Mask of Truth.

How to get The All Night Mask:
     Beat  the  skulltula  house  by  the great bay to get your giants
wallet,  then  save  the lady in north clock town. Go to the curiosity
shop on day 2 and buy the mask. Use the mask to stay up during grannys
story to get a piece of heart.

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