Jet Force Gemini

Super jump:
     Hold C-Up to perform a super jump.

Avoid getting hit by flying objects:
     When  reaching  a section with small flying objects, run behind a
tree and repeatedly run sideways to avoid getting hit.

     Juno can walk on fire (lava), Vela can swim, and Lupus can hover.

Get Ants into Pants Mode:
     Get 300 ant heads to get this option in the cheat menu.

Get Rainbow Blood Mode:
     Get 100 ant heads to get this option in the cheat menu.

Floyd Piece Locations:
     These  are  the  locations of all the Floyd pieces in the Tawfret
courtyard type place.
1. On top of the walkway near Gimlets house
2. Inside the chimney and down the path on top of Gimlets house.
3. Blow up the door near the back of Gimlets house and walk inside.
Proceed to the area where Floyd is and talk to hi, and then he will
follow you around and be available for use in two player co-op.

Homing Missle Launcher location:
     To  find it, you must go to the ss anubis and climb the boxes you
climbed  to  find  the PLasma Shotgun. then, climb the baxes behind it
and go in the door on the upper level. Continue through the depository
of the ss anubis, enter the room with your ship, r escue all or all of
the  tribals  you can find, because some are hidden in the darkness of
the  room for a total of nine tribals, enter your ship and you will be
whisked away to the peak walkway. Walk up to the building, destroy all
of  the  soldier  drones  gu  arding  the area, and enter, inside is a
trapdoor  that  leads to two tribals and a crapload of shield wielding
soldier  drones.  don't  go down there just yet. also in the room is a
diamond  gezzer  station,  and  located  in  the corner are the Homing

Quick character change:
     Press  C-Left  or C-Right at the map screen to quickly change the
character icons.

Hear Lupus howl:
     Press C-Down when playing as Lupus.

Unlimited Mizar tokens:
     Locate  an area that contains Mizar tokens but no opponents, such
as  the  beginning of the Spawnship or the rib cage in Eschebone. Take
Mizar  the  tokens,  then  leave  and  return.  The  Mizar tokens will
re-appear and may be collected again.

Refill ammunition:
     Switch  to  the  shotgun, pistol or machine gun if running low on
ammunition  and  run  over  the bodies of dead enemies to collect more
bullets  for  that  weapon. To refill the flame thrower, shoot Tribals
once  to  force  them  to  drop  their lanterns without killin g them.
Collect the lanterns to use as flame thrower ammunition.

Collect out of reach gems:
     Shoot gems that are out of reach to bring them within range.

Bonus deathmatch characters:

Get jet Force Kids Mode:
     Get 200 ant heads to get this option in the cheat menu.

Get Yellow Ant:
     Contact the hidden Totem pole as Vela in Goldwood

Get Blue Ant:
     Contact the hidden Totem pole in SS Anubis - Generator Room 2F

Get Red Ant:
     Contact the hidden Totem pole as Juno in Ichor - Military Base

Get Green Ant:
     Contact the hidden Totem pole in Spawn Ship - Cargo Sewer

Get Female tribal:
     Get the mine key first. Now contact the hidden Totem pole as Vela
in Rith Essa - Mine

Get Male tribal:
     Use  Lupus  to  get  the  Magenta Key at Eschebone - Thorax, Left
Intestine.  Now  contact  the  hidden Totem pole as Lupus in Sekhmet -
Channel Area

Get Metallic Termite:
     Contact  the  hidden  Totem  pole as Lupus in Sekhmet - Go across
spiral walkway

Get Beetle Termite:
     Contact the hidden Totem pole as Vela in Tawfret - Tomb Area

Get Zombie Termite:
     Contact the hidden Totem pole as Lupus in Tawfret - Treehut Area

Get Purple Termite:
     Contact the hidden Totem pole as Juno in Mizar's Palace

Get Cyborg Ant:
     Use Floyd to get a expert rank on all the Floyd levels


Multiplayer Levels:

Rith Essa Target Range:
     Get Gold Rank on Eschebone Floyd Level

Goldwood Target Range:
     Get Gold Rank on Goldwood Floyd Level

Jeff & Barry Arcade Racing:
     Get 1st Place on Jeff & Barry Racing at Ichor Arcade

Jeff & Barry Arcade Racing 2:
     Get 1st Place on Jeff & Barry Racing 2at Ichor Arcade

Mizar 3D Racer:
     Get 1st Place at races at Mizar's Palace

Greenwood Village Race Track:
     Get  1st  place  on  both  of  the  Jeff  and Barry Arcade Racing
machines in Ichor Arcade

     Contact the hidden Totem pole as Vela in Rith Essa Waterfalls

Rith Essa Mine:
     Get  powered  jetpacks  then  contact  the  hidden  Totem pole in
Walkway Station

King of Hill:
     Contact the hidden Totem pole in Cerulean Holding Room

Space Station:
     Contact the hidden Totem pole as in Space Station Basement


Weapon Locations (as Juno):

Machine Gun:
     Destroy the Infantry weevil behind the Red key door in Goldwood

Plasma Shotgun:
     At  the Start of the S.S. Anubis, turn right and walk to the wall
and turn right, climb the boxes and open the chest. Hold Z to power it

Tri Rocket Launchers:
     King  Jeff will give them to you after you talk to him in tawfret

Sniper Rifle:
     Go  into  the little house by Gimlets place and destroy the drone
and rescue the tribal, then open the chest.

     Find them in the shed after blowing up the door.

Cluster Bombs:
     Blow  up  the  glass in the conveyor belt room in S.S. anubis and
follow the path until you see the box that holds the cluster bombs.

     Destroy  the  big crate in the end of the drone filled tunnels in
goldwood where all the tribals and drones are. THen pick up the Yellow
Key  and return to the field with King Jeffs hut. GO past it and cross
the  water  and enter the large door. Destroy the Stag and pick up the

     In  skemmet: Battle cruiser, go to the part where there is a path
to a red key door and a whole bunch of lava. Jump in the lava and walk
to  the  door  which is in one of the silo things. Now just follow the
path and you should find a cheast with the shocker inside of it.

Weapon Locations (as Vela):

     Start with.

     In the first room you start in in Sekhmet.

Machine Gun:
     In  the  first  room  with  two  locks  that  must  be  opened by
destroying  all  drones,  destroy the first wave of drones, and a door
will  open,  don't enter it yet, pick off all the snipers, and the new
wave  of  soldier  drones. the second door will open, allowing y ou to
get  the machine gun, which will allow you too open the target lock in
the  next  drone  room which will contain the Plasma shotgun! Fishface
will give you the red key, and then you will be able to proceed to the
docking bay.

Get homing missile launcher:
     Go  to  Cerulean and go into the room with all the stalagmites, a
yellow  key door, and the lifeforce door.As soon as you enter, stay on
the  left  wall  and  keep  going until you find a cave entrance.Go in
there  and  you  shoul see a weapon chest, gemini capacit y increaser,
four Mizar Tokens, and a full machine gun ammo box.


Tips for the Final Boss:
     The  Final Mizar on the Asteroid is easily the toughest, cheapest
Boss in Jet Force Gemini - you'll no doubt die many, many times facing
him.  There  is  a trick, though - although it's not foolproof, it's a
big  help.  To  do  this  trick,  you  need  to  have at le ast 40 max
Tri-Rockets  with  Juno. For defeating this Boss, you'd usually fire a
Homing  Missile  when  Mizar  turns his back, because it almost always
hits.  Unfortunately,  it's  also  weak,  and it can take up to 21+ of
these hits to get Mizar to go to this nex t phase. The trick is to use
the Tri-Rocket Launcher when Mizar is flying toward you to do his Fire
Claw  attack  (the one that creates the shockwave). Aim high and shoot
once  straight  into  Mizar's  body as he comes toward you, and you'll
almost always hit AND do more damage, too. If done right, this can cut
the hits you need to get him down to his next phase by half.

     Once  he's  in  his  next  phase  (on the ground with you), start
pounding his right (your right) arm with the TRL, until it explodes in
a  bloody  mess;  then do the same with the left arm; then do the same
with the head, and he's through. Don't forget, Mizar al so attacks you
too, so here are some tips in avoiding his attacks.

Meteor Barrage:
     When  Mizar uses the Meteor attack, having an extra friend around
to  control  Floyd and help you destroy meteors while at the same time
conserving  machine  gun  ammo,  can  be a great help. Not only do you
avoid running out of ammo, which is easy to do, even w ith 900 rounds,
but you also get hit fewer times!

Fire Claw:
     Mizar charges the platform you're on and causes a shockwave which
takes  1-3 HP of damage. To avoid this, go to the far left or right of
the  platform and wait until Mizar is just about to strike the ground,
and  strafe  in  the  opposite  direction.  The shockw ave isn't large
enough to cover the platform and so it will miss you.

Eye Laser:
     Mizar  fires  two purple lasers from his eyes three times at you.
Simply  strafe  to  the left or right to avoid. Easy. One of these his
can take 1-2 HP of damage.

Ice Breath:
     Mizar  blows  a  huge breath of cold air at you. Very easy - just
strafe right through it and it probably won't do anything. If it does,
it will only do 1 HP of damage.

Lightning Cord:
     The  most  lethal  of  Mizar's  attacks and the hardest to avoid.
Mizar  guides  a  cord  of  electricity  along the platform at varying
speeds.  Being  struck by this cord for half a second depletes 2-3 HP;
being  stuck  in  it for any longer than that depletes 1-2 who le life
BARS,  if  not  more.  The only way to avoid this is to play jump-rope
with Mizar. Carefully jump the cord as he guides it back and forth. If
you're  VERY good and VERY lucky, you'll take minimal damage. Luckily,
once in his second phase, Mizar doesn' t use this attack any more.

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