Cruisin' World

Secret picture:
     Hit  the  left wall in the tunnel in Germany to uncover a picture
of a girl. Quick way to get in front of the pack:

     Select  a  track with four lanes. When "Go" appears, steer to the
two  lanes that are open. Press A, A to do a couple wheelies and speed
up.  When  you  get to the first turn you should at least be in fourth
place. If you have not hit anything, you could be in first place.

Dirty windshield:
     Select  New Mexico or Kenya as a track, start a race, then change
the  view  to be in the car. Large insects will fall and splat on your

Moon track:
     Successfully  complete  the game on "Cruise The World" mode under
the  easy  difficulty  level.  An  animation sequence showing your car
being  transported to the moon will be displayed. The bonus moon track
may now be accessed after the credits.

Bonus tracks:
     Successfully  complete "Championship" mode under the master skill
difficulty  level. The Russia, Japan, and Florida bonus tracks may now
be accessed.

Alternate colors:
     Obtain  at least 20 points in championship mode. Then, press L or
R on the car selection screen.

Speed Demon car:
     Obtain  at  least  9999  points  in  championship mode. The Speed
Demon,  with  a  230  mph  top speed, will now be available on the car
selection screen.

Quick points:
     Use  this  trick  to  collect  up  to 1200 points in ten minutes.
First,  enter the options screen and set the "Championship Difficulty"
to  "Pro"  or  "Master".  Then,  set  the number of laps to one. Enter
championship  mode  and  select  the expert tracks. Italy is the first
track.  After  passing  the  checkpoint, repeatedly double-tap A until
reaching   the  end  of  the  tunnel.  Continue  on  as  normal  until
approximately  one  minute into the race. Then, use your boost to beat
everyone  and  finish  the  race  in first place. If you are under the
"Pro"  difficulty  you  will  receive  40  points.  If  you are on the
"Master"  Difficulty  you  will get 150 points. After completing Italy
the  game  will  proceed  to  China.  Pause  game play and select "End
Championship". Go to Italy again and repeat the process.

Two-tone colors:
     Obtain at least 150 points in championship mode. Then, press L or
R on the car selection screen.

Secret championship mode:
     To  get  a  secret  championship mode successfully complete all 3
championship courses on beginner and pro levels.

Extra nitro in championship mode:
     Start a race and repeatedly tap A (accelerate) to keep the RPM in
the  red  area. Keep tapping until you start driving to get the effect
of  a  nitro  without  using one. This will help your car get in first
place immediately while saving nitros.

Auto accelerating:
     When  you  are  in a race press A, pull the controller out of the
N64 and you will still accelerating.


Power level 1:
     Obtain  at  least 8 points in championship mode. Then, press C-Up
or C-Down on the car selection screen.

Power level 3:
     Obtain at least 100 points in championship mode. Then, press C-Up
or C-Down on the car selection screen.

Power level 4:
     Obtain at least 500 points in championship mode. Then, press C-Up
or C-Down on the car selection screen.

Power level 5:
     Obtain  at  least  1500  points in championship mode. Then, press
C-Up or C-Down on the car selection screen.

Power level 6:
     Successfully  complete every course in first place in the Cruis'n
World  mode  under the hardest difficulty setting. Then, press C-Up or
C-Down on the car selection screen.



     A  blue  scenic overlook sign with red arrow cones will appear in
Cruis'n  World mode. The instant the sign comes into view, take a hard
left  onto the off-ramp. Some trick points are awarded by this secret,
when  doing  stunts.  Another  way to get trick points, is to do a two
wheelie slightly behind a car. If done correctly, your car can perform
a flip.

     Just  before  the  last ramp on course, steer left so your car is
headed towards the left grassy area. A rock side wall on the left will
appear.  Steer  just to the right of the wall. If done correctly, your
car  will automatically do a flip for more trick points. This trick is
handy if you miss the jump.

     Watch  carefully  after the third set of Kangaroos, to see a dirt
road  to  the left. The trail leads to a ramp, were your car will have
enough  room  to  earn a automatic mega-flip. This trail could also be
used as a shortcut.

     As  you  are  approaching  one  of the turns with a temple on the
right,  drive  towards  it  slightly, and go just left of it. Your car
will  crash  through  some  breakable  trees  and other objects before
hitting a jump.

     Begin  game  play in cruise mode. Go to the left a short distance
before  the  second  check  point. Stay to the left and go through the
third  check point. Follow the trail that is not too far ahead to find
a ramp.

New York:
     Begin game play in cruise mode. Find the off-ramp right after the
third  check  point. Jump off the ramp to get some trick points. Note:
Do not try to get on the bridge.

     Begin  game play in cruise mode. Go to the left immediately after
the  first  check  point  to  find  a trail. It will jump the road and
continue straight until you are back on the track.


Bonus cars:
     Begin  game  play  in  practice  mode  and  select  the "Practice
Championship" option. Finish under the indicated time on the following
tracks to unlock the corresponding car.

Car             Track           Time  
Bulldog         England         1:46  
Conductor       Kenya           2:06  
Enforcer        China           1:14  
Grass Hopper    New York        2:11  
Howler          Mexico          1:46  
Monsta          Hawaii          3:47  
New York Taxi   Germany         2:27  
Rocket          Japan           2:48  
Rocket          Russia          1.58  
Skool Bus       Egypt           1:07  
Surgeon         Australia       1:49  
Tommy           France          2:15  


Driving tricks:

Dodge collisions:
     To  go right through a collision or on coming traffic simply do a
turbo boost by pressing A, A. Then, perform a trick off the car.

     Push Left Or Right when your car is at the top of a ramp.

     Pop  a wheelie on a jump (press Gas twice). Adjust your timing if
this trick does not work at first.

     To pull a wheelie, press Gas twice while on a straight road. This
will also result in a small boost.

Side wheelie:
     Press  Gas  twice  while  taking  a turn. This also helps to make
sharp turns easier.

Barrel roll:
     First,  perform  a  sideways  flip  by  pressing  Gas twice while
turning. Then move the joystick the opposite direction of the turn.

Flip Roll:
     Start  a  normal  flip during a jump, then press B, B, A, B, C-Up
while in mid-air to earn 20 points.

Break Drift:
     Press A + B while turning to slide. Also try this when hopping 
a ramp.

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