Blast Corps

     Move  against  any  buliding so that the front of your vehicle is
touching  it. Press the Z-trigger. Your driver will yell, alerting you
that  he  can't  get out of the vehicle. Keep the Z-trigger pulled and
the  building in front of you will blow up. This trick is easier to do
with some vehicles than with others. The Dump Truck is the easiest.

Ghost Car:
     Finish  the  Race  Course  as  dictated  by the game. Attempt the
course again using a different vehicle and you'll race a ghost car.

Quick start:
     Press  Accelerate  when  the  last  beep is heard as the light is
turning green.

Bonus courses:
     Successfully complete all missions and find all six scientists to
access  two bonus courses. The objective of the first bonus mission is
to  clear  a  town of all objects in order to allow a space shuttle to
make  an  emergency landing. The objective of the second bonus mission
is  to  clear  all  buildings  off  the Moon. A third bonus mission is
accessible only after a perfect score is achieved.

Extra Bonus courses:
     Complete  all  missions  twice and more courses will appear after
the bonus courses appears.

Instant Explosion:
     Simply  drive  up  next  to  something and try to get out of your
vehicle by pressing Z. If you're too close, your man will yell and not
get  out.  If you continue holding Z, the obstructing object will blow
up like magic! This is particularly useful for buildings that can only
be blown up by TNT or other non-standard methods.

Turbo Start:
     Here's  another  trick inherited from Mario Kart 64. For a faster
start  on  racing  courses, press the ACCELERATE button as soon as the
last  light  turns green. For best results, time your press the button
at the final beep.

Bonus Vehicles in Argent Towers:
     There  are many hard-to-find vehicles in this game. Here's how to
find some of them in Argent Towers:

     First  find  the small, square pit. Then get out of your vehicle.
Walk around it until you find a ramp. Go about halfway down it. Change
camera  angles so you are looking at your man's back. Go down the rest
of  the  way.  On  the  other  side  of the pit you should see a brown
doorway.  Go  into  it and turn left. Now you have to walk a long way.
After  a  while  you will be in a small area with J-Bomb. Climb in and
J-Bomb  is  yours.  Three  more  vehicles  are  in  this level, though
Ramdozer  doesn't  seem  to have a purpose. Keep the same camera angle
you used before and head down. When you come to a point where there is
a  fence  blocking  your path, go to the left and right to find a ramp
(this one is the thinner of the 2 you will see) and once again get out
of  your  vehicle.  Go  down this ramp to find Ramdozer and a doorway.
Ramdozer  can  be used if you want to, but I just go in the door. When
you  go in the door, stay as far to the left as you can. Otherwise you
will  get  on a train and to get to the Police Car you can't be on the
train.  If  you  get  on,  just  get  off and try again. After that is
accomplished,  hold  down-left  on  the stick. After a while, your man
will  go  down.  Now  hold  down  on the stick and you will get to the
Police  Car.  Drive  it  around the maze, but when you get back to the
maze entrance, you will have to walk back. Walk up until you come to a
point  where  you  can't go anymore. Now turn right. when you can't go
anymore,  go  down,  then  down-left  and  get on the train. Press the
acceleration  button  and when you see the train through a large door,
hop off. Get in the "Missle Car" and gather the missles. Now go up the
large ramp and through the fence. The car is yours!

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