Beetle Adventure Racing

Cheat Menu:
     Select  Championship  in  1 player mode. Select Coventry Cove and
find  the  shortcut  with  the barn and 2 haypiles. Drive into the the
haypile  closest  to  the  road. Finish the race and there should be a
Cheats option under Options.

Bonus cars:
     Comlete Novice Tracks to get 3 bonus cars.

More bonus cars:
     Complete Advanced Tracks to get 3 more bonus cars.

Alien Beetle:
     Beat the Professional Championship.

Getting a limo size Beetle:
     Beat the professional championship with all of the bonus Beetles.

Police Beetle:
     Beat  the  standard  Championships. Select the new Bonus mode and
beat  it.  (With this car you can make the other cars pull over if you
get near them and press the left C button)

Open Up Battle Stages:
     Enter  the Championship mode and try to collect all 100 points to
unlock a new battle stage.

View Mode:
     Go to Inferno Isle. In the village, on the right side of the road
is  a  house  with a flat roof. Jump your beetle and land on the roof.
Break  the  Daisy  Crate  hidden there to activate the View Mode under
Cheat options.

Quick start:
     Press L when "Go" appears at the start of the race.



Get battle stages:
     Use   the   Police   beetle  (make  cars  pull  over)  and  enter
championship  mode and get every box on each track to open up a battle
mode.  You  don't have to finish 1st, but you can't be disqualified to
get the new battle stages

Major shortcut in sunset sands:
     Right  after the room with the lake in the middle of it is a room
with  glass floors. take the ramp strait up the middle and land on the
other  side  there  is  another  jump.  after that you land on a stone
island  with  a sign that says "good things happen to those who wait".
infront  of it is a red circle. completely stop on the circle and honk
a  few  times  if you do it right you should sink down and be on a new
path. (If you are missing a few bonus points they are here).

Major Shortcut In Mount Mayhem:
     When  You  reach the frozen pond, Drive Past it untill you get to
the large area with the roads going over it. Right when you get to the
end  of the short wall near the middle, cut across the middle and keep
turning(about  50  degrees to the left).you will come to the road that
leads into the crystle cave.

Race the Train:
     Start  Metro  Madness  on  the normal route. Do not pass any road
blocks  until  you  see  the fifth road block with blinking arrows. On
either  side it will have a space big enough to fit your car. take the
one  on  the  left  and hug the left wall. You will then either see or
crash  through a window and enter the train station. The train is only
there in one player mode.

Extremely Easy Battle Stages:
     Use  the  Police  Beetle(beat  Pro  Circuit) on Novice to get the
first  three  battle  stages.  Tip: Use the siren to pull cars over to
speed up the process.

Mount Mayhems Alien Ship:
     When  you get to the damaged bridge with the helicopters, hit the
broken  road  to  the  left and fly off the bridge to the left and you
will land on a platform, you will find the points that you are lacking
and you will also find an alien ship stuck in the tunnel.

Sunset Sands tip:
     At  the begining of each lap you will see the tall pillars on the
right  side,  when  you  get paralel with the second one turn left and
take  this dirt road to the tekple, you will end up on top of the lake
that  is  inside  the  temple,  don't  drive  around in circles to the
bottom,  just  jump  off  and  before  you hit the water press the "L"
button.  This  will take you from 8th place to 1st place and you don't
need to drive in circles any more.

Go Faster:
     When  you  reach the screen where you enter your name type in the
following  three  letters:  RSI,  and  when you pick your car, make it
silver.  The car you chose will now go five mph faster than it usually

Watch a movie in Metro Madness:
     Start  Metro  Madness  on the normal route and drive past all the
road  blocks  with  big blinking arrows until u get to the 6th One. on
either side there will be a space big enough too fit your car,take the
one  on  the  left  and  hug  the  left  wall  until  u get to a glass
wall.Smash  through  it  and your in the cinamas grab the 2,5,10 point
boxs and drive right through the big screen.


Cheat Box Locations:

Coventry Cove:
     To  open  up  the ? option on 2 Player Battle mode head round the
coventry  cove  course, just past one of the bridges, is a jump to the
left, jump over in to a look-a-like-stonehenge, next to one of the big
stones,  is another 'groovy' box, this will unlock the ? box in player
2 battle mode.

     Go  over the small wooden drawbridge towards the beginning of the
course.  Just  after  the  drawbridge  and before the crane is a white
stone  fence on the left. Follow the fence until you see a hole in it.
Go  through the hole in Championship mode to find a flower crate. This
crate  unlocks "Handicap - Two Player" on the cheat menu, allowing you
to adjust the handicap to Off, Slow, Normal, Fast, or Insane.

Mount Mayhem:
     On the part of the course where there is no snow make a right and
run through the closest tree

     While  driving  through the Mount Mayhem course after you go over
the second bride there is a cave. After the cave is a grassy area with
the  signs.  Right next to where you exited the caves there is a group
of tree if you go back and drive through them there is a cheat box.

     After  you  exit  the first cave and you are about to hit the big
jump go to the left or right of the tunnel entrance and you will hit a
bigger  jump.  If  you  have enough speed, you will land on a platform
which has a 10 point box.

     When  coming  up to the town in the Mountain Mayhem board, cut to
the  right,  through  the  town. When you come to the end of the line,
make  the  jump to the left. With enough speed and cutting to the left
enough,  you  will land on a snow bank. turn left and head back up the
mountain side. you will see a flower box buried half way in the snow.

     In  Mount Mayhem, when you are about to take the huge jump, go to
the  right  of  the  drop, and there will be an even bigger jump right
ontop  of  it.  If you make the jump, follow the path which goes right
and  slightly uphill. Then, after the first bridge, stop, turn around,
and  there  will  be a cheat box hidden on the snow 90 deggress off to
the left, right after the end of the bridge.

Inferno Isle:
     On  Inferno Isle go to the are that looks like a village and look
for  a  house  on the right side of the road with a flat looking roof.
Jump  your beetle at a angle to land on the roof. Go in reverse to get
the crate hidden there. It will open up a View Mode cheat on the cheat

     At  the  end  of the race, the will be a house to the left of the
tree,  run  through  the  house  and you will and another code to your
cheats  menu.  Remember  this is just before you go through the finish

     Follow  the track until you get to the first jungle area, and you
will  see  a  dirt road jutting off the road on the right. Go down the
road  and  a  bit  after that when there is a yellow glow look to your
right  there  will bee a small rainforest hut and a ramp leading to it
with  a way to get 10 bonus points. Go to the ramp and just before you
hit  the  ramb  hold down b and as soon as you hit the house wich will
shatter  hold  down  down  c to. Hopefuly you will stop on the greyish
platform.  Turn  around  to your right and you should see a red flower
box.  Hit  it,  you  should then hear the word groovy, then press L to
saffely  get  to  the  main  road.  This may slow you up a bit but you
should be able to catch up if you're good at taking short cuts.

     Enter the town either from the dirt road or the main track. after
making  the first wide turn aim right while jumping off the ramp right
under  the  arch. You'll see a flat roof land on it and turn around to
your  right  and  hit  the groovy box you'll hear the word groovy then
press L to quickly make it to the main road again.

     Race  until you get to the burning village, right in front of the
finish line is a small path leading to the left. Ram the house on that
path  and  grab  the  crate, and you'll add another cheat to the cheat

     If  you  go to the first shortcut on the right you will go into a
cave.  When  you get to the open part of the cave where the bridge is,
go off the bridge and land on the house, smashing it. Immediately slam
on  your brakes and stop. Look aroung on the platform and you will see
a  flower  box that will open up a new cheat that will change the pace
at which the ladybugs change color in beetle battle.

Sunset Sands:
     Take  a  right  up  the  hill when you first start and keep going
until you find a jump. After the jump crash into the flower box to get
How Many Beetles You Want In Battle Mode Option

     In  Sunset  Sands  when  you  get  into  the  town take the first
shortcut  and  turn  left.  There  is a canopy with lots of crates and
behind     them    is    a    flower    box    opening    the    cheat
Breakables(invisible,normal,and no breakables)

     While  on the board Sunset Sands, goto the left after passing the
river,  in  the begining. Continue on till you hit the short cut. Make
the  big jump to the top of the temple. While jumping, press the brake
and  the hand brake to slow down to a stop. before heading off the top
of the temple, turn right and head to the far end of the confined area
of  the temple, on the outside. in the far right corner you will see a
flower box.

Metro Madness:
     Go  to the train station instead of taking a left take a right on
the tracks

     Go  up  the  stairs and jump on the roof of the buiding (the name
starts  with  an  R).  When on that roof jump off, over the street and
onto  the othe roof with the holes in it. Stay next to the building on
the  left and make the sharp turn at the end of that building and stay
on it tho the end.

     To  get  the  groovy  flower  box  first  drive straight past the
electric-right  turn sigh that greets you at the entrance of the city.
Hang  a  sharp  left and crash through the window ignore the white and
blue  signs  and  go  the wrong way on the rail road there should be a
groovy flower box there.

     When  you  come out of the tunnle with ramps on either side and a
metal  crate  above  the road, go on the left ramp. Drive slowly until
you  are  under a covered section. hang right to go in the metal crate
and a flower cheat box is inside

Wicked Woods:
     At  the  curch with the 5point box above the door. Go through the
curch  and  make  a left at the end of the curch. Go backwards alittle

     The  first  shortcut  at  the end of the town with the nitro box.
Jump off the jump (around 105mph)there is one floating in the air.

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