To get these codes to work, you must complete a series of puzzles
by  entering Banjo's house, standing on the green rug, and looking (Up
C  to zoom in) at Bottles' picture twice. After completing each puzzle
and  receiving  a code, enter it by using the Beak buster on the tiles
in  the Underwater Castle in Treasure Trove Cove. Puzzle codes are not
saved, and must be re-earned each time the machine is turned on.

Earned by completing puzzles:

     big head Banjo.

     big hands Banjo.

     big head Kazooie.

     "hot dog" Banjo - Banjo has a stretched-out body.

     Banjo with a small head.

     giant Banjo and big head Kazooie.

     returns Banjo-Kazooie to their normal form.

200 eggs 
     (Requires book near Freezezy Peak puzzle)

100 red feathers 
     (Requires Mad Monster Mansion book)

20 gold feathers 
     (Requires Rusty Bucket Bay book)

200 eggs and 100 feathers 
     (Requires book near Freezezy Peak puzzle & Mad Monster Mansion book)

Restore all items 
     (Requires  book  near  Freezezy  Peak puzzle, Mad Monster Mansion
book & Rusty Bucket Bay book)

Unlimited red feathers

Unlimited blue eggs

100 Mumbo tokens

8 honeycombs

Unlimited air

Unlimited lives

Unlimited gold feathers 

Turns Banjo into a washing machine. 


Book near Freezezy Peak puzzle:
     This  book  is  located behind the entrance to Bubblegloop Swamp,
near the jigsaw puzzle for Freezeezy Peak. When you first walk through
the  pipe  that  leads  to the puzzle board for Freezeasy peak and the
second  pipe  to  the  spell book, a block of ice will be covering the
second  pipe.  First,  get  the  wading  boots  in  the  pipe near the
beginning  of the Bubblegloop Swamp area. Go through the pipe as Banjo
and  break the block of ice. Then, have Mumbo Jumbo transform you into
the  alligator  in  Bubblegloop Swamp and enter the pipe that leads to
the spell book

Mad Monster Mansion book:
     Transform  into  a  pumpkin in the Mad Monster Mansion level with
Mumbo's  help.  Leave  the  skull  and  follow  the  winding  path  to
Brentilda's  platform. Enter the small hole and follow the path to the
spell book.

Rusty Bucket Bay book:
     Find the entrance to Rusty Bucket Bay. Locate the cave with three
pipes  to  the right of this location. Open the middle pipe and enter.
Activate  the  "321"  switch  that is inside to raise the water level.
Jump into the water and quickly move to the right. The book is located
in the cave to the right

Alternate game selection screens:
     The game will randomly play a humorous saved game animation. Rare
has  confirmed that any code that involves pressing A when the fish in
the bowl does something is false.

No cost transformations:
     Begin  game  play,  using  a new saved game file. Accumulate five
Mumbo Tokens and gain access to Treasure Trove Cove. Instead of giving
Mumbo  tokens  at  this point, get the Sandcastle Jiggy and enable the
"Banjo  is a washing machine" code. Enter Mumbo's hut while in washing
machine form to transform without using any Mumbo Tokens.

Breaking the Click Clock Wood boulder:
     It is possible to break the boulder blocking the Beaver's hole in
Click  Clock  Wood  on  the Spring level. Stand on the ledge above the
rock,  then find the correct angle just to the right of the rock. Drop
eggs  onto  the  boulder  to break it open. Swim into the hole on this
level  to  find some glitches, such as the Beaver still asking to move
the now destroyed rock.

Extra lives in Mr. Vile's games:
     With  Mumbo's  help,  turn  into  an alligator in the Bubblegloop
Swamp.  Then,  enter  the nose of the giant alligator statue. Beat Mr.
Vile  in his games to get the puzzle piece, then walk out and re-enter
for a new challenge. Beat Mr. Vile in his three games to collect extra
lives. Note: You will lose a life if any of the games are lost.

Refill extra lives:
     Complete  the  Treasure  Trove  Cove  area.  You  may  now return
Treasure  Trove  Cove  at any time. Go to Banjo's house, press C-Up at
the  picture of Bottles, then press Start. Leave the house and all the
extra  lives  will  re-appear. The closest ones are located behind the
water fall and on top of the house.

Hidden magic token:
     In  Clanker's  Cavern,  do  a back flip on the very edge of where
Banjo enters the area to find a magic token.

Get Mumbo's transformations without using any Mumbo Tokens:
     This  trick  will  allow  Mumbo's transformations to be activated
without  using  any  Mumbo  Tokens. Start a new file in the game. Play
through  the game until five Mumbo Tokens have been collected and have
access  to  Treasure Trove Cove; but do not give Mumbo any tokens yet.
Get  the  Sandcastle  jiggy  piece.  Return to Banjo's house in Spiral
Mountain  and complete the Bottles puzzles to earn the washing machine
code.  Enable  the  code  in Treasure Trove Cove to become the washing
machine.  Return  to  Mumbo's  Mountain and enter Mumbo's hut. He will
say,  "Banjo  has plenty tokens, stand on skull and press B for mighty
Mumbo  magic!"  Stand on his platform and press B to become a termite.
The  sign  will  disappear, the spell will become free, and Banjo will
still have the same number of tokens

Safer fall:
     Press Z immediately before hitting the ground from a fall.

Jump further:
     Press Attack during any jump.

Faster dialogue:
     Hold B to scroll the text dialogue faster.

Skip dialogue:
     Press L + R + B skip the dialogue display

Banjo runs really fast:
     Tap  on A twice and then B twice then C-Up and start running. You
will notice that Banjo runs very fast.

Walk underwater:
     In  "Click  Clock  Woods", (spring) drop eggs (C-down) from above
the  boulder  in  the water until it smashes. Then, swim inside and to
the  surface.  This  bit is tricky. Jump away into the blackness, then
Kazooie-flapback   in.   If   done  correctly,  you  will  be  walking

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