Army Men: Sarge's Heroes

Restart level:
     Hold  R  +  L + C-Down during game play to return to the starting
location of the current level.

Reverse weapon selection:
     Hold  Z  and press B during game play to cycle through weapons in
reverse order.

Forest level fires:
     Get  a bazooka, then find a location in the forest where there is
a  small  gap  between  some  trees. Shoot straight, without hitting a
tree.  Three  or  four  trees  will ignite even though the shot missed

Tin Anybody:
     First,  type  in  a code for which character you want to be, then
type  in the tin soldier code. (It makes the characters have tin armor
but  it  doesn't make you any stronger) You will turn into people like
Tin Vicky or Tin Plastro.

     Hold R, L, and C-down you will teleport to where you started.

Light the Candles:
     On the living room level when you get to the top of the couch, go
near the ruler that is a bridge over to the other side. Use your flame
thrower or your morter to light the candles.

     Save your bazooka shots for tanks; if you pick up a bazooka, odds
are there's a tank lurking nearby.

     Use  the  flamethrower for close combat in multiplayer situations
in  which  you  and  your  enemy  are circling each other; fire up the
flamethrower and keep spinning until he runs away.

     Fire  grenades  and mortars behind obstacles to flush out enemies
who  have  taken cover. This is particularly useful because you can do
this while hiding behind an obstacle yourself.

Cheat codes:
Select Level                     DNSTHMN
Invincible                       MMRTL
Invisible                        DNLVSHSF
Unlimited Continues              CNTN
Unlimited Ammo                   MMLVSRM
Weapons                          NSRLS
Tin Soldiers                     TNSLDRS
Living Large                     LVNGLRG
Test Info                        THDTST
Vikki                            GRNGRLRX
Plastro                          PLSTRLVSVG
Hail Mendheimicus                SHRMNSLDR
Big Green One                    BGGRN
Mini mode                        DRVLLVSMM
Get All Characters               ALCHR
All Characters in Multi-player   VRCLN

Level passwords:
Attack                           LNLGRMM
Spy Blue                         TRGHTR
Bathroom                         TDBWL
Riff Mission                     MSTRMN
Forest                           TLLTRS
Hoover Mission                   SCRDCT
Thick Mission                    STPDMN
Snow Mission                     BLZZRD
Shrap Mission                    SRFPNK
Fort Plastro                     GNRLMN
Scorch Mission                   HTTTRT
Showdown                         ZBTSRL
Sandbox                          HTKTTN
Kitchen                          PTSPNS
Living Room                      HXMSTR
The Way Home                     VRCLN

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