Star Wars: Rogue Leader - Rogue Squadron 2

Unlimited Lives:
     Go  to  the  passcodes  menu under options. Enter JPVI?IJC, R2 D2
will not beep.
     Now  after  you  enter  the above code, do not exit the passcodes
screen.  Now  you  must  enter  another  passcode,  RSBFNRL.  The last
character should be left blank. This time R2 D2 will beep.
     Exit the passcode menu and start playing with unlimited lives.
     Keep  in mind that this does not mean you can get more medals, as
the  number  of lives you lose counts towards what medal you get. This
code  will  simply help you pass the ten regular missions. Some gamers
have  been  having  a  little trouble getting this to work, but if you
follow the directions above it should work.

Open Documentary:
     Enter ?insider as a password.

Black and White mode:
     Enter LIONHEAD as a password.

Unlock Audio Commentary:
     Enter BLAHBLAH as a password.

Art gallery:
     Enter EXHIBIT! as a password.

Concert hall:
     Enter COMPOSER as a password.

Unlock Documentary:
     Beat all 10 main missions.

Unlock Audio Commentary:
     Earn medals in all 10 main missions.

Unlock Millenium Falcon:
     Earn Bronze Medals in all 10 main missions.

Unlock Slave 1:
     Earn Silver Medals in all 10 main missions.

Unlock Ace Mode:
     Earn Gold Medals in all missions and beat the Training missions

Unlock Naboo Starfighter:
     Finish Tatooine Training in all four time settings.

Unlock TIE Fighter:
     NIGHT:  Fly  through all the sensors and when you come to the end
of  the  canyon go take the left route. You should come to an Imperial
outpost.  A small movie will play pointing out the TIE. To capture it,
simply  kill the little black pilot running around. A blue rebel medal
will  appear.  Fly  into it so your craft will land. Now you will have
the  TIE.  You  will be able to cruise over the Academy with out being
detected.  Once you fire your weapons they will come after
beware.  Go and capture the shuttle and complete the mission. YOU MUST

     DAYTIME:  Use  your Ion Cannons to disable all the sensors in the
canyon.  Once  you  get  past  them all fly almost directly behind you
until  you  come to a large foggy area with a Communications Tower. DO
There  will  be  a  TIE fighter hiding to the left of the comm. tower.
Disable the comm. tower with your ions. Then give the TIE a few blasts
until it takes off. Once it is flying give it a blast or two with your
ions.  Back off and it will go land to the far left of the comm tower.
A blue rebel symbol will appear like the one at night. Fly into it and
capture  it.  The  Imperials  will  know you stole it, so try to avoid
laser  turrets  and  TIEs. Go and capture the shuttle and complete the

     The  TIE  will be in the small room to the right of the Millineum

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