Resident Evil 2

Alternate Costumes 
     To  get  the  special costumes you must do the following. Start a
new game on normal difficulty. Don't pick up anything. When you get to
the  gate  that  leads  to the police station go down the stairs. Down
there  will  be  Brad  Vickers,  the  pilot from Resident Evil (he's a
ZOMBIE!)  Head  past  him  and go up the stairs. Get the herb from the
bushes  closest to the stairs. Go in the R.P.D. and get the bullets at
the  desk  in the back of the room. Go back to Brad and fill that damb
zombie full of bullets. Inspect him and take the special key.
     When you get to the dark room there are some lockers, use the key
to  unlock  one and get the costumes. With Claire you get a cool denim
jaket  and  the  Colt  S.A.A.  gun.  With Leon you either can choose a
leather  jacket  with a skull on the back or a tank top and a baseball
Bonus Weapons 
     If  you  finish  the game in 2 1/2 hours or less on mission A and
get  a  rank of A or B, you will get the rocket launcher with infinite
     On Mission B you have two options: If you finish the game with an
A or B ranking and under 3 hours, you'll get infinite sub-machine gun.
If you finish the game with an A or B ranking in under 2 1/2 hours you
will  get  infinite  rocket  launcher sub-machine gun and the almighty
gatling gun.
Ranking System 
     To get an A ranking, beat the game in under three hours and don't
use any First Aid sprays. (You can use herbs, though.)
     To get a B ranking, just beat the game in under three hours.
     To get a C ranking, finish the game in five to seven hours.
     For a D rating, finish the game in seven hours or more. Note that
your  rank will be lowered by one grade if you use any special weapons
or if you saved more than 12 times.
Unlock Hunk Game 
     To play as Hunk, beat the A and B games of either character (Leon
or  Claire)  with an A rating on both. Hunk is one of the SWAT members
from Umbrella who's mission is to get to the roof-top from the sewers.
Unlock Tofu Game 
     To  play  as  Tofu  you  must beat 6 scenarios with an A ranking.
Tofu's  mission  is  the same as Hunk's -- get to the rooftop from the
sewers. However, it's much harder this time as Tofu is only armed with
a knife and cannot use guns!

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