Finding Nemo

Slide Puzzles
     Whenever  you  are  trying  to  solve a slide puzzle, its best to
start  from the top first. You can keep sliding and solving the puzzle
from left or right as you work your way down from the top.

Puzzle solution
     During  the  Submarine level, there is a pipes puzzle you must go
through. As soon as you get into the room with the puzzle, look at the
back wall right behind the door to find the solution to the puzzle.

FMV sequences
     Upon  finishing a level or are in the middle of a level, you will
see an FMV sequence from the movie Finding Nemo.

     The little blue krill will keep you from getting hurt. Collect as
many  as  you  can.  The  krill  only  protect you from things such as
pufferfish and eels, but not from swift currents or mines.

Gold Starfish
     Going though all the bubble rings, putting the colored pebbles in
the  correct  colored  holes,  bouncing on all the things that bounce,
winning  the  races,  and  destroying  all  enemies will earn you Gold
Starfish  towards  bonus levels. Note: There are some timed levels and
timed races; be as quick as possible.

Keeping up with Dory
     To keep up with Dory, grab all the bubble rings.

Get past Bruce on level 9
     To get past Bruce when he is chasing you swim to the top and than
look at Dory. When there is a mark on her swim down to this repeatedly
to get past Bruce.

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