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Мини-обзоры посетителей об игре Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Chaos Bleeds

Автор: wood
I am the only who has notice that there are biggest flaws is the game. Yeah, "Chaos Bleeds" is a cool game and all, but why the hell does the vampires at the beggining of the old quarry level not turn to dust, the sun is still up just in case not noticed, and the vampires are just running around without turning into dust, and when you finnaly get inside of kakistos castle, notice the windows that brings the sunlight into the castle, the vampires just walk right pass without getting fried.
"Chaos Bleeds" also had other flaws like vampires feeding off of spike when spike is already a vampire and Buffy who barely ever stakes her vampires through the heart instead in other places such as the arms. And Xander who just so happens to be stronger than Buffy and which doesn't make any sense. And as soon as Xander gets to battle evil anyanka after dominating the magical pentagrams, notice that after you toss a hell-fire bottle at her she ends up turning into dust, isn't that a vampires role, speaking of which? Why the hell does Buffy wear the same clothes throughout the whole game, I mean since faith's level had taken place towards the day time and the cemetary level had taken place at night, then that must mean faith's level was a day after and yet buffy still wore that same alfet, and that hair style just like in part one of the game.
The multiplayer really brought some shine to the game expect for fact that I noticed you are not allowed to throw your opponents like you do in your missions.

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