World Ends With You, The

Unlock Ultimate Difficulty
     After  beating the game, you can select A New Day Chapter, and go
to  Shiba-Q  Headquarters  and  on  the  3rd floor you will be able to
purchase it as a quest item.

Unlockable:              How to Unlock:
Ultimate Difficulty      Buy at Shiba-Q Headquarters 3rd floor 
                         on A New Day Chapter.

Unlock Chapter Selection
     To  unlock chapter selection on your cellphone menu you must beat
the game. This mode lets you return to any part of the game and replay
it with bonus objectives.

Unlockable:              How to Unlock:
Chapter Selection        Beat the game

Hidden ending scene
     To  unlock  a  bonus  scene after defeating the final boss of the
main  story,  collect all of the secret reports in the game, including
the one in Another Day.

Unlockable:              How to Unlock:
Hidden ending scene      Collect all secret reports

Unlock Angel Feather
     Complete  "Final  Time  Attack"  in  the  Room of Rekoning during
"Another Day".

Unlock Character Item Abilities
     The  varied  character  item abilities can be unlocked at Wildkat
Cafe if you have a 100% friendship rating with Hanekoma.

Unlock My Phones
     Complete  Hanekoma's  Noise  Form  at  the  top  of  Pork City in
"Another Day" after completing the game.

Unlock Tin Pin Bahamut
     After  beating  each of the five Black Skullers in "Another Day",
head back to Molco and beat the Wizard of Slam in Tin Pin Slammer.

Unlock Ultimate Difficulty
     After  beating the game, you can select A New Day Chapter, and go
to  Shiba-Q  Headquarters  and  on  the  3rd floor you will be able to
purchase it as a quest item.

Easter Egg: Unlock "Another Day" chapter
     To  unlock this chapter you must beat the game. It will appear on
the  chapter  selection  menu.  This  mode  is  a  non-canonical extra

Secret: View total play-time
     Hold [L] + [R] on the save data menu screen to be able to see how
long you have played.

Savegame File Icons
     Successfully   complete   the   indicated   task  to  unlock  the
corresponding character icon at the saved game screen:

Beat: Successfully complete the third week.
Joshua: successfully complete the second week.
Mr. Hanekoma: Collect all secret reports.
Mr. Mew: Get 100% Pin Mastery.
Rhyme: Collect all items.
Rhyme (noise form): Successfully complete the noise list.
Shiki: Successfully complete the first week.

Easy Pin Points
     Here's  a  great way to acquire PP (Pin Points). The game rewards
you  with  PP  for time you don't play the game, up to one week (seven
days).  So,  if you save your game and then play with your calendar on
your  DS,  setting it ahead one week, you can get a week's worth of PP
easily.  Repeat  this  process as necessary, but keep in mind that you
won't  be  rewarded for more than seven days' worth of Pin Points at a
time, no matter how many days you set your DS ahead.

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