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Transformers: Decepticons cheats, tips and tricks

Author: Larry
To defeat Jazz: Smash all the gun turrets you can find until they have low health, then go back to near the huge wall at the front and finish off the first turret. Autobots will now come two at a time. Ignore them and quickly finish off the other turrets. Then you will face Jazz one on one, circle him using heavy attacks, then pick up a rock and throw it at him. Repeat this a few times and Megatron will win.
P.S. If you beat story mode, you can play as your favorite character such as Megatron, Starscream, etc.

Author: Blade
To beat Jazz: First when you start in the dam blow out the aircraft cannon in front, then Jazz will start sending autobots. Do not climb up the dam (not damn) wall!!! Then when you take two bots take the cannons on the far left and right. After that is done you get to fight Jazz. When fighting him target him and start strafing left or right while jumping up or down. Use only your heavy fire. Jump when he launches his energy balls.

Author: Kellian/Jazz
Ok, the easiest way to defeat the "Jazz" level is to blast all the turrets and do not waste your time fighting the autobots. Once you face Jazz one on one do not fight back!!!! Get far enough from him so that he'll follow you and not be able to shoot at you. There will not be that stupid "leaving battle zone" warning so lead him to the nearest ocean and make him follow you into the water while you float your jet ABOVE the water. He will immediately die and you will win that level. It's so simple!!!

Author: wacky jacky
Оk, the easiest way to defeat Jazz is by simply flying over the water. Then Jazz will try to follow you and end up running into the water and drowning. It's as simple as that.

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