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Мини-обзоры посетителей об игре Transformers: Decepticons

Автор: oli
This is a good game, shame about the graphics, but overall pretty good. The missions get a bit tricky - how do you do the Megatron v.s Jazz fight? Anybody? But the locations are good, plus you can transform into loads of different vehicles. Remember you can even scan enemy helicopters and use them! The controls are simple and easy to get used to. The storyline isn't too bad and the voiceovers are great! They have wicked speech. Although the weapons are rubbish and there is no possible defense. I was tempted to give the game a 4, but overall it's defiantly worth the money. Decepticons is a better version in my opinion as you can just walk around trashing cars in freeplay. You can even rip up traffic lights and use them to hit enemies with. Awesome! Enjoy the game!

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