Super Scribblenauts

Merits are special achievements that you can earn by performing specific actions while playing the game.
Decorate the sky with every planet in the solar system.
Avatar Maniac
Purchase all avatars.
Behind The Scenes
Create three 5th Cell developers.
Brand New Pencil
Use 10 unique adjectives.
Break Time
Use the arcade machine.
Broken Pencil
Use 300 unique adjectives.
Clever Creation
Attach any three objects together.
Coloring Book
Create 10 objects with altered colors.
Colossal Contraption
Attach any ten objects together.
Connect The Dots
Complete any constellation.
Cracked Pencil
Use 200 unique adjectives.
Creative Concoction
Attach any six objects together.
Cthulhu Fhtagn
Create a mythos monster.
Daily Horoscope
Decorate the sky with the 12 zodiac symbols.
Dedicated Collector
Purchase 25 avatars.
Easter Egg
Create five hidden historical figures.
English Eagle
Create 10 unique objects.
Fantasy Fulfillment
Create 5 fantasy objects or use 5 fantasy adjectives.
Destroy the world.
Forbidden Fruit
Use Maxwell's notebook.
Full Replay
Complete all advanced mode levels.
Create the largest possible object.
Grammar General
Create 200 unique objects.
History Lesson
Use the time machine.
Home Grown
Complete a custom level.
Hypnotize another character.
It's Alive!
Grant life to an inanimate object.
Kiss Me
Transform a creature into a frog.
Language Lion
Create 100 unique objects.
Letter Lieutenant
Create 25 unique objects.
Lion Tamer
Ride a creature that's normally hostile.
Looking Ahead
Create 5 science fiction objects or use 5 science fiction adjectives.
Master Morpher
Apply five adjectives to an object.
Maxwell In Disguise
Play as a different avatar.
Mega Mutator
Apply eight adjectives to an object.
Create the smallest possible object.
Money Vault
Hold 10,000 ollars in your bank.
Nice Wallet
Hold 5,000 ollars in your bank.
Over Budget
Completely fill the budget meter.
Piggy Bank
Hold 1,000 ollars in your bank.
Rad Recombiner
Apply three adjectives to an object.
Really Big Lizards
Create 5 dinosaurs.
Complete a level in advanced mode.
Russian Doll
Put an object inside an object inside an object.
Sharpened Pencil
Use 25 unique adjectives.
Skin Of Your Teeth
Catch a Starite while Maxwell is being defeated.
Starite Apprentice
Catch 10 Starites.
Starite King
Catch 121 Starites.
Starite Master
Catch 60 Starites.
Suit Up
Fully equip Maxwell.
Syllable Savant
Create 50 unique objects.
Use the teleporter.
Texture Artist
Create 5 objects made out of altered materials.
The Fourth Wall
Apply the secret Super Scribblenauts adjective.
Welcome Mat
Set a custom level as your playground.
Well Used Pencil
Use 50 unique adjectives.
Window Shopper
Purchase 10 avatars.
Word Warrior
Create 300 unique objects.
Worn Down Pencil
Use 100 unique adjectives.
You Can Fly
Equip any flying gear or mount.
121st Starite
To find the missing 121st star, create a time machine and use it repeatedly until you are taken to a stage with another Maxwell, and a Starite in a tree. This Starite is the last one you need to complete the game.

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