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Style Savvy cheats, tips and tricks

Author: Jane Doe
If you don't want to wait for your clothes that you designed (on guest designer) to arrive, change the time on the DS to the next day, open your present save game and turn the power off. Then change the time back to normal, there will be a note, click continue and - presto! - you still have everything you got "tomorrow".

Author: Evona
Ok, some of you might have figured this out, but for the people who didn't, here. How to win contests if you lost: ok, so this is what you do. Right before you enter a contest, save the game. After that, you enter the contest. If you lose the contest, you should notice that it doesn't let you enter that contest again for another day. So leave the game and don't save it. Then when you go back on it, it leaves off how you saved it before you lost the contest. So enter the contest again and if you remember what outfit the winner that you lost to, put that on. If you do, the old winner usually puts a different outfit on. Then you should win, do all of that again and use that winners outfit :) Then you shouldn't lose anymore.

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