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Sims 2, The cheats, tips and tricks

Author: Spider5974
  1. When you have defeated emperor Xizzle he will send war on you half way through the game. He does this lot of times. Use the super soaker to kill 'em or build the rat cave and put on the ratman suit and do all the crimefighting stuff.
  2. Calm down loopy sims to get a higher hotel score.
  3. If you leave to much dirt in the hotel, it will decrease your hotel score.
  4. Catch goons and robots to receive money and wear the rat man suit.
  5. The more stuff in a room, the more guests pay you to have it and to pay the bills but if sims are loopy they dont pay the full bill.
  6. Have fun to pass the time!

Author: anika
To get the chocolate milkshake got to the lion lounge and buy a bar of chocolate and give it to the cow as a gift. The cow will turn brown. Tip the cow and then milk it and check you pockets - you will see chocolate milkshake.

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