Gold Star Rankings
After you've completed a given puzzle, you'll be awarded a Silver Star on the puzzle selection screen to indicate your success. However, you can get a higher ranking. Retrying the same puzzle activates Advance Mode, which is a bonus challenge. You have to beat the same level three times in a row, and with different objects each time. If you restart, you'll have to begin the challenge from the beginning. If you successfully complete the Advance Mode version of a puzzle, you'll be awarded a Gold Star on the selection screen.
Gold Stars: Complete a level, then retry it to activate Advance Mode. Complete Advance Mode.
Merits are awards/achievments you can earn by doing different things in a given level. However, you need to complete the level in order to get them.
5TH Cell
Spawn a 5TH Cell employee.
All New
Complete a level with objects you've never used before.
Write 2 buildings.
Attach the Jolly Roger to a flagpole.
Write 2 or more instruments or audio objects.
Introduce the plague and infect 2 or more people.
Write 2 or more plants.
Drive a vehicle with more than one passenger.
Write two or more foods.
Write two or more clothes.
Combine any two objects together.
Shoot a humanoid with Cupid's arrow.
Write 2 furniture objects.
Shock someone with electricity.
Write more than one element.
Write 2 or more entertainment objects.
Spawn two or more insects.
Write 2 or more environmental objects.
Spawn two or more objects that explode.
Two or more humanoidsor animals start a level, and are destroyed.
Write 2 fantasy objects.
Put out at least 2 fires.
Complete a level twice in a row.
Feed someone or something 3 times in a row.
Gold Digger
Spawn three or more precious stones.
Spawn two or more medical objects.
Write 2 or more reptiles.
Write two or more humans.
Spawn a zombie and make it infect at least two humanoids.
Spawn two or more cleaning objects.
Use an animal as a vehicle.
Knight School
Kill a dragon using a melee weapon.
Cut down three or more trees.
Mad Hatter
Place a hat on four or more humanoids or animals.
Use the magic wand to turn something into a toad.
Marine Biologist
Write 2 or more fish.
Jump start a vehicle.
Use 2 weapons and 1 weaponized vehicle.
Miner 49er
Dig a massive hole.
Obtain a total of 300,000 or more Ollars.
New Object
Write a completely new item.
No Weapons
Don't write a weapon to complete a level.
Novice Angler
Catch a fish with a fishing pole.
Organ Donor
Spawn two or more organs.
Write 2 or more birds.
Spawn two ore more dinosaurs.
Make 3 humanoids or animals flee.
Earn exactly 314 Ollars in a level.
Write 2 or more drawing object tools.
Spawn two or more aircraft.
Complete a level 3 times in a row.
Set at least 4 objects on fire in a level.
Bring a corpse back to life.
Roped In
Write 2 or more rope objects.
Russian Doll
Place an object inside another object, and then place that object into a third object.
Two or more humanoids or animals start and finish a level alive.
Sea Two
Write 2 or more sea vehicles.
Spawn two or more digging objects.
Write 2 or more melee weapons.
Hide an item in a container.
Destory a security camera.
Sweet Tooth
Write 2 or more junk foods.
Tooling Around
Write 2 or more tool objects.
Chop down a Cherry tree.
Water Jockey
Use a sea animal as a vehicle.
Ride a hostile animal.
Write two or more animals.
Original Scribblenaut Costume.
To Get the original scribblenaut costume, (Avatar same as typing in scribblenaut) You must complete all of the challenge levels. (both puzzle and action) This avatar is the original design for the main character before he was changed to Maxwell.
5th Cell Staff Room
If you're playing through one of the Challenge Mode puzzles, try summoning a teleporter. If you use it, you'll be sent to to the Scribblenauts staff room. The room includes the symbol for the 5th Cell development team, as well as several avatars for game designers.
Hidden space level
If you spawn a teleporter at the title screen and use it, it takes you to a secret moon level with aliens and a shuttle.
Easy Advanced Mode
The game ignores adjectives you try to put when writing any word, so writing "Small Hat" or "Big Hat" will only be recognized as "Hat", and will spawn the same thing. The exploit is in the fact that during Advanced Mode, the game will NOT accuse "same word" if you type an adjective before the word itself, eventhough the exact same thing is spawned. You can clear a stage three times by typing "Wings" the first time, "Big Wings" the second time and "Small Wings" the third time, you'll simply get the Wings all three times, but the game will register 3 different words and will allow it. If you're feeling lazy, you don't even have to put in a proper adjective, since the game doesn't recognize them, simply typing "aaa Wings" will register as "Wings", the game ignores the "aaa" as an Adjective (even if it really isn't one).

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