Rhythm Heaven

Guitar Lessons
     Medals  are obtained by achieving a High Level on a stage. You'll
know  you've  done  this when the icon of the stage is framed in gold.
Note:  This  unlocks  the  first  lesson  in each difficulty level. To
unlock more you must obtain more medals.

Unlockable:                How to Unlock:

Basic Guitar Lessons       Beat Rocker (Stage 6-3) 
                           and have at least 15 medals.
Technical Guitar Lessons   Beat Rocker 2 (Stage 10-4) 
                           and have at least 35 medals

Airboard Minigame
     A  minigame in which you obtain as a reward for beating the first
6 remixes

Unlockable:                How to Unlock:

Airboard Minigame          Beat remixes 1 through 6

Unlock All Songs in the Jukebox
     To  get  a  Perfect  on  a  song, you MUST wait until it has been
chosen  as  a  Perfect-eligible  song  which  happens  at random times
(you'll  know  this  when  the frame for the stage changes and becomes
wider  and more colourful), otherwise your Perfect will not count. You
have  3  attempts  at getting a Perfect before its eligibility ceases,
where  it  will  either disappear for a while or change to a different
stage.  Note:  You  can  attempt  a  Perfect on a stage even if you've
failed  the  initial  3  attempts, but you must wait again until it is
chosen as Perfect-eligible.

Unlockable:                How to Unlock:

Unlock All Songs           Perfect all 50 stages. 

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