Rayman DS

Rayman Clone
     Start  a new game, and take you out of the Buccaneer. Then get to
the  place  with a big hole and a cage. Don't brake the cage. Instead,
do  suicude by jumping down the big hole until you die. The level will
restart. But now there's something more here. Remember where you first
met Murfy? Go to that place.

The Crows Nest
     On  the  very last level, the screen reads 0/0 Lums, but when you
go in the level it will state that you have 41/40 Lums.

Bonus Level
     Collect all the Lums and break all the cages.

Defeating The Rabble Droid
     When  he uses the blue orb attack, use your shield to deflect it.
Then  when he uses the pink orb attack, shoot the orb to turn it blue,
deflect  it,  then  shoot  it again to turn it pink again. This is the
most  difficult  part. When he fires the golden orb attack, grab on to
the  UFO,  then  reel him in until the orb is quite close. Then, shoot
the  orb  to blast him back. Repeat this about four times, after which
he will be destroyed.

The Fairy Glade Part 1: Walk Through Wall
     In  level  2  when  you are about to free Li, keep going straight
where  the  first small turn is found. You should go through the wall.
You will fall for awhile, but will eventually die.

The Menhir Hills: Avoid Damage From Vines
     Their  are  vines  on  this  level  that  are  blocking  you from
crossing.  Certain  rockets  fly  at you to hit you. Do not blast them
with  your  fists. Keep spinning in a tight circle and the rocket will
stop  attacking  you and be dizzy. Jump onto the rocket, and if you go
across the vines you will not get hurt.

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