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Pokemon Diamond cheats, tips and tricks

Author: jeremy
Pichu with volt tackle: have a female Pikachu mate with a male Pikachu while there both are holding an item called a light orb and when you hatch the egg you get your Pichu will know volt tackle. (To get two light orb you need an action replay.)

Author: Zach
To get the The Azure Flute you must beat the battle tower 5 times in one day. This allows you to catch a legend dary pokemon if you use it next to were you catch Dialga or Palkia.

Author: erin
Didn't manage to catch either Dialga or Palkia on your first attempt? After obtaining the national dex you can return to the place you originally met them and retry! This only works, however, if you failed to catch them the first time round.

Author: Max
I have Arceus and it was not easy to get it. If you have one master ball and you want more, let a male pokemon hold it and put it in the daycare with a female of that species. To hatch an egg, you have to take 4000 steps. I recommend using the bike.

Author: Tyler
To get the mystery gift: Go to Jubilife city TV station, go to the 3rd floor, then walk 4 steps down and 4 steps left, then 6 steps down, talk to the man, he will ask you to say 2 words, say "Everyone happy", then the next time say "Wi-Fi connection".

Author: Jane Doe
Cleaning your badges. Your gym badges get dirty as the time passes. But you can clean them! To do so just use the touch screen to polish them until they shine with 4 sparkles!

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