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Nintendogs: Dalmatian and Friends cheats, tips and tricks

Author: J
If you want to have puppies, buy two dogs that are the same breed, but different gender and leave them alone in the house for at least five hours.

Author: J
If you want your dog to be friend the dog that you found on your walk to play with it, wait till yours and the other dog to calm down.

Author: Condor
Before you enter any contest, save your game. That way, if you make a mistake during the contest you can turn off your DS, turn it back on and go back to your game just before you entered.

Author: Elle
Every time you connect with a new DS on bark mode, you can unlock a new breed of puppies without having to get a billion trainer points. You just need to make sure that the other DS takes a breed of dog that you don't already have.

Author: Mp
Give your dog a bath and leave the sponge on it half way through. Leave for a while. You get 1 trainer point per min. This also works w/the brush.

Author: bec da best!
Back flip. Teach your dog to sit and jump. While it is sitting, tell it to jump. Your dog should do a back flip.

Break dance. Teach your dog spin and roll over. Make it roll over. While it is on its back, tell it to spin. Your dog should spin around on his back, almost like break dancing.

Author: .x.x.x.ChElZ.x.x.x.
How to get a present without walking anywhere. If you leave your DS on the Nintendogs game for 1-2 hrs without touching it, one of your dogs will collect a present from outdoors and give it to you. Normally these are rare.

Author: shanise
If you go to the discount shop which is a place when you're walking you will a pull rope, not a skipping rope. Get it, it's only $5.00 and when you get home use it with your dogs and spin them around really fast. They will hit the ground (it's funny), it doesn't hurt the dogs.

Author: NintendogsRule
If you want to make your dog twist, your dog must know the commands to beg and spin. Tell it to beg and then spin.

Author: JV
You can get the Shiba Inu by finding the chinese collar in a walk. It is only found in hidden presents.
You can get the Jack Russell in the kennel by finding the Jack Russell book in a walk. It is only found in hidden presents.

Author: KK
Do you love your Nintendog/s? Well... CARE FOR IT PROPERLY! Take good care... Feed it and offer it drinks whenever it's status for food is "Hungry" or "Normal" or "Starving". Feed it a drink whenever it's status for thirst is "Thirsty" or "Normal" or "Quenched". Check your dog's hair type (Long hair, Short hair) and memorize it. Wash your dog whenever it's hair status isn't "Beautiful". Straight after you wash your dog, groom it with it's better suited brush. Put on a nice accsessory whenever possible. Always make time to play with and rub your pet. It'll grow more attached to you. Before entering an obedience trial, groom your dog. If you want better, easy money, have plenty of dogs and train them for agility or disc competitions and enter each dog in three contests every day! If 10 dogs (7 in the hotel, 3 at home) were all in the beginner class and all won, you'd have made £500!!! Wow! If your dog runs away, don't panic. It only ran away because it felt neglected, ignored. It WILL come back, sometimes with a present!!! When buying a dog, make sure you choose wisely. KNOW what you want. Let's say, I wanted a white female chiuaua and all I saw when I went onto Chiuauas was 2 white males and a brown and black female. All I have to do is go back, click chiuaua again, and keep going until I find the white female. Personality is an object too. If you want a friendly dog, just try and find a dog that's personality is something like "Friendly and lively, grows very attached to her trainer". My next goal is to find out if it is true you can get your dog pregnant... I hope my advice was helpful to you!

Author: Candice
It's so annoying when you have taken your Nintendo dog out for a walk, and then you can't take your Nintendog dog out for another walk for half a hour. Well, I found a way that you can keep walking your dog. What you have to do is... when you first go into your Nintendogs game, select "Go Out", once you have clicked on "Go Out" it will come up with: "Shopping", "Walk", "Bark mode", and "Contests". Click on "Walk" and then draw up your path... Once you have drawn a pathway to all the "?" go to the park, then home. Then once you have reached the park, click on your supplies and go into accessories, and change you dogs accessory and then click on the arrow going back and it should say "Saving do not turn power off". Once you have done that turn the power off. And then turn your DS/DSi/DSi XL back on and you will see that the presents you got on your walk will be saved, and then you will be able to go for another walk straight away.

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