Miami Law

Tips and Tricks

Brawn or Brains: 
     Throughout  the  game  you can play as either Law or Sara. If you
like  to  be  more  forceful,  choose  Law.  If  you  like things like
forensics and computer hacking choose Sara.

Look Around: 
     As  you go from location to location be sure and have a good look
around.  Often  you'll  find  people  and things hiding about that you
won't see right away.

Talk to People Repeatedly: 
     Sometimes  you'll  have to talk to a person more than once to get
what  you want from them. Don't be afraid to hit the talk button a few
times with a character.

Check Your PDA: 
     Check  you  PDA often as it will let you know what you're working
on  if  you  forget.  When  it is updated a red exclamation point will

     When  at the Miami PD offices, don't forget to visit the Security
Room  and  talk  to  the Operator. He'll play some Texas Hold 'em with
you.  When  you complete the game Hold 'em is unlocked for you to play
as a mini game!

     Sometimes  Law  will  have to get tough:.don't be afraid to get a
little rough. When available use the Force button.

Duck and Cover: 
     When in a gunfight make sure you duck when you reload!

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