Credits mini-game
     Successfully  complete  all  Quest  mode  levels  to play a staff
credits  mini-game  after  defeating the Quest mode Boss. Complete the
mini-game  to  unlock  the  "Staff" selection at the options menu. Use
that option to play the mini-game again.

Hard mode
     Hard mode has the spheres going in two different directions. This
makes  it  a  little  bit  easier in the beginning because you can get
bigger chain. When marbles are being destroyed on one side, expand the
chain  by  shooting  a marble into the other side. It is easy to get a
twelve  or better chain this way. The strategy mainly for Hard mode in
the beginning is just to group pairs of at least two red, at least two
blue,  at  least  two  red,  then  destroy a set in the middle of this
arrangement in each path.

     In  Normal  Play  in  the Training, Normal, Hard, or Special, you
should  have  enough time to count the red and blue dots. This is when
you  usually  get the first detonator. Always destroy the one with the
least  dots.  Also  when  there  are  the following colors: red, blue,
yellow,  light blue, and purple, it is typically good to destroy light
blue. This works 80% of the time.

Special mode
     Special Mode has smaller marbles because there is an extra circle
to  the  spiral. It has expanded, so the detonator also gets a benefit
from  this.  If  you are lucky enough to eliminate most of the yellows
before  you  get the first detonator so that only red and blue remain,
you will get a killer chain once the detonator is used.

Quest Detonators
     In  the  actual  quest  levels  that have detonators, they do not
appear  in the slot where you can launch marbles. They are actually in
the  arrangement  of  incoming  marbles. This makes it more convenient
actually  because you can use it at that minute, or hold off its usage
for when you really need it. In the Normal Play, you must use one when
you  get  one.  They  work  the  same way as far as the destruction of
marbles is concerned.

     These  devices  usually lead to two or more different paths. When
the switcher is set one way, the marbles have to flow in the path that
it  leads  to,  but the switcher can change its direction, pushing the
marbles in a different direction than before. It only appears in Quest

     When you launch a marble into one of these holes, the slot spins.
If  three of the same icon match up, that icon appears in the slot. It
can  be  a  silver, gold, or other color coin. A silver coin gives you
5,000  points.  A  gold  coin  gives you 10,000 points. The other coin
gives  you  50,000  points.  It can also be a timer that sends marbles
back a little bit (very convenient), or a detonator. Then again, there
is  always  the chance that you will not get anything. It only appears
in Quest mode.

Black Hole
     The  marble  that  goes  into  a Black Hole will be sucked up and
disappear. During this time, you cannot launch any other marbles until
the marble sent into the Black Hole is gone. It takes awhile; you must
be  patient.  Do  not go in these when you are seconds from losing. It
only appears in Quest mode.

     This  is  something that alters the gravity of the marble passing
by  it  or  directly over it and may slightly push it into a different
direction.  They  may  be  frustrating when you are trying to launch a
marble that will lead to a chain. It only appears in Quest mode.

Line Barrier
     A  Line Barrier is the same as an Impact Barrier, but it does not
move.  It disappears and reappears in different spots. It has the same
effect as an Impact Barrier. It only appears in Quest mode.

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