Lost in Blue

Completion bonuses:
     After  completing  the  game  with the Keith, you will unlock the
game where you can play as Skye, the heroine.

Escape with raft:
     If you want to try to escape the island with the raft you must do
the  following  things: approach the raft and realize that is useable;
find  the flare from the enemy's hideout; and ake Skye along with you.
On  your way home you will see a ship. If you did not get the flare it
will  not see you and go away. You and Skye will then starve to death.

Two traps for the price of one:
     Use  this  trick to get both the fish trap and small trap without
wasting  items.  After  obtaining  the necessary materials (basket and
twig),  make  a  small  trap.  Place it at either of the areas used to
drink  from the river. Place it near the middle. Go onto the grass and
walk  towards  it,  and  do not stop before pressing A. As soon as the
thought bubble saying small trap appears, press A. You should be using
the  fish  trap.  If you would rather use it as a small trap, go up to
it, press A, and use it normally.

Duplicating traps:
     Make the selected trap of your choice (large trap or small trap).
When  you  are  ready  to  place it, select your inventory and quickly
press  A. You will see the Keith bend over and check the ground. Then,
select  the  trap and "use" it. Keith will bend over and you will hear
the "picking up" sound. When you look in your inventory, the trap will
be  in  the  last  slot. Leave the area and return. If done correctly,
there should be a trap.

Duplicating items:
     Go  to  Skye and select the "Lets eat now" option. Then, use your
stylus  to select the second item in your bag. Then, quickly switch to
the first item and keep selecting it. Eventually the last item in your
bag will keep selecting itself, and will stop at random.

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