Harvest Moon DS

Hidden Battle mode
     If  you  inspect  your  dog's  house  at 4:44 in the morning (you
pretty  much  have  to  wait  until  4:40 and keep inspecting until it
happens),  the  Witch  Princess will show up, teleport you to the mine
site, and set you up to challenge some of the girls you can marry. The
battle  is played out like old school video games, where you are gives
a  list  of options to battle (attack, defend, dodge, charge, special,
escape).  If  you  happen to win all of the rounds, the Witch Princess
will  congradulate  you  and  give  you  a  diploma and a new title of
"Battle Master"(not sure where the title appears, if any)

Memory Game
     Early in the morning at 6 AM when you first wake up, step outside
the  house  and immediately come back in. Inspect your clock to see if
it says "6:01." If it does, inspect the set of records on the shelf to
begin a very challenging memory game! Beware, as you must have a sharp
mind if you wish to beat it without cheating!

How to Unlock the TV Sprites
     How to unlock the sprites that were zapped away.

Unlockable:    How to Unlock:

Saturn         Participate in 5 festivals

Venus          Buy items from Karens store for 10 consecutive days

Neptune        Have it from start

Uranus         Get 100 or more friendship with any one villager

Mars           Ship 300 of the same produce items

Earth          Save 20 helper sprites

Pluto          Ship 100,000 of any one produce item

Jupiter        Buy 5 records

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