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Custom Robo Arena cheats, tips and tricks

Author: cushy
When you have won the Robo cup, go straight to the police station. Go to the very back of the room and press A. After every ten battles your reward doubles. Keep fighting till you loose.

Author: T soth
I think I may be the first one to know about this, or maybe nobody reported this: once you come to the underground, you may find a set of AIRS__ parts in the shop (golden). Buy all these parts, then go to Stark and talk to him...Surprise! He happens to have a golden counterpart of the Ray Sky, and it's called AIRS. This belongs with the AIRS parts (duh) and is quite a good robo if you use it well. The only BAD thing about it is the gun... Not long range, but stops advancing enemies, also, it ain't so bad in the air.

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