Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin

English Voiceovers
     To  enable  English  voices in the Japanese version of this game,
simply  press  [A]  while holding [L] at any of the main menu choices.
Jonathan will say "showtime" to confirm the activation.

Best End Bonuses
     Complete the game with the best ending to unlock the following:

"Richiter" and "Sisters" mode     Start a new game with a different duo!
Boss Rush Courses 2 and 3         Selectable from the Boss Rush menu
Hard difficulty                   You can place a max level cap here too
New Game +                        Start a new game on your clear data
Sound Mode                        Selectable at the main menu

Boss Rush Rewards
     There  are  3 Boss Rush courses where you face a string of bosses
without  breaks in between. Each course has its rewards if you beat it
within a certain amount of time.

Astral Ring        Clear Course 1 in 1 minute 
Illusion Fist      Clear Course 2 in 5 minutes 
Invisible Cape     Clear Course 1 in 3 minutes 
Record 1           Clear Course 2 in 3 minutes 
Record 2           Clear Course 3 in 3 minutes 
Scout Armor        Clear Course 3 in 5 minutes 

Hard Mode Unlockables
     Depending  on  which  Level Cap is used, defeating Hard Mode will
yield  different  bonuses:  non-sellable and non-usable "trophies" and
permanent  stat  boosts.  Defeating  Hard  Mode  with a lower cap will
automatically  net  items  from  the  higher  level caps. For example,
defeating  Hard  Mode  with  Level  1  cap will give you all 3 sets of

Konami Man and +50 Strength       Defeat Hard Mode with Level 1 Cap.
Twin Bee and +50 Intelligence     Defeat Hard Mode with Level 25 Cap.
Vic Viper and +50 Luck            Defeat Hard Mode with Level 50 Cap.

The dark side of Vincent
     If  you  take  Charlotte  as your main character and press UP for
about  10  seconds  in  front of Vincent, the shopkeeper, he'll make a
funny comment. Try with and without Jonathan on the screen!

Luck Bonus
     To  get a permanent luck bonus for both your characters, beat the
last boss in Hard Mode.

Duplicate Quest Reward
     Upon  completing a Quest, Talk to Wind to open up the quest menu.
Press  A  twice. When you hear the "reward" chime, press START to exit
the quest menu. The quest reward is already given to you, however, the
quest is uncleared from the list. You can repeat this as many times as
you want and get the rewards again.

Jump a few more extra times
     This  glitch  will  make your characters be able to jump twice as
much  as  you  currently  can.  For  example,  if  you  don't have the
double-jump  relic, you are able to jump twice with this glitch and if
you  have  it,  you  are able to jump up to four times. This glitch is
useful for sequence breaking and getting items early in the game.

1) First have both characters on the same screen
2) Tap the touch screen above to make your partner jump up to two times 
   (depending if you have the double jump ability or not)
3) Once your partner is high enough, press X to switch characters
4) If timed correctly, you will be able to do an extra jump or two 
   right after switching characters

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