Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day

     Get the indicated number of stamps to unlock the corresponding 

Low to High mini-game: 1 stamp.
Syllable Count mini-game: 2 stamps.
Head Count mini-game: 3 stamps.
Tips option: 5 stamps.
Stamp Designer option: 7 stamps.
Hard mode for Head Count mini-game: 9 stamps.
Hard mode for Calculations x 100 game: 11 stamps.
Triangle Math mini-game: 13 stamps.
Time Lapse mini-game: 15 stamps.
Hard mode for Triangle Math mini-game: 17 stamps.
Voice Calculation mini-game: 19 stamps.

Control title screen:
     Say  "Glasses  glasses"  into the microphone at the title screen.
The Doctor will raise his glasses and laugh.

     Say  "Doctor"  or  "Doctor  Kawashima" into the microphone at the
title screen. The Doctor will laugh or get mad.

     If  you  say  something  he  likes  the  sound of, he will laugh.
However if you say something he does not like he will frown.

Brain Age Check Selection menu:
     Select  a  save  game  slot then enter the "Daily Training" menu.
Hold  Select  while choosing the "Brain Age Check" option. This option
allows you to select the order of the Brain Age Check tests.

Top three results:
     Hold  Select  while  tapping  the  "Graph"  option  on the "Daily
Training"  menu.  The top three results from every Brain Age Check and
training to date will be displayed.

Advanced Sodoku puzzles:
     Complete  25  or  more  of  the Soduku puzzles (20%) in Basic and
Intermediate modes.

     Alternately,  complete  an  intermediate  puzzle with a time less
than fifteen minutes.

Larger stamp:
     Successfully  complete three brain challenges in a day. The stamp
used to keep track of your progress will get larger.

Get missed stamps back:
     If  you have missed days with no stamps, just set the system date
back  to  the day you missed and get the stamp back. Note: He will say
that  you  lost  some  previous  stamp  data  because time was "moving
backwards". When you change it back you will have the data back.

Mario tune:
     During  a  mini  game  when  you  get  walking  speed, select the
stickman. It will whistle a Mario tune. Try to experiment with Bicycle
Speed, Car Speed, Train Speed, If Faster.

Mario reference:
     In  the  Syllable Count mini-game, one of the possible phrases is
"Thank You Mario, but our princess is in another castle.", a reference
from the classic Mario games.

More brain games:
     Change  the Nintendo DS system date, then go to "Daily Training".
Then,  change  the  date  back  a  day.  The Doctor will say something
strange. Note: This is irreversible.

     To unlock all mini games, keep moving the date on the DS forward.
Get a stamp each day until you unlock everything. When you switch back
to  the correct date you will lose all the stamps, but everything will
still be unlocked.

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