Sonic Adventure

Mystic ruins shortcut:
     In the Mystic Ruins to save loading time to get to the raft, jump
off the train platform and move your character in a little bit and you
should land on a platform by the raft.

Clone Knuckles:
     Play  through  the  game  to  get  Super  Sonic.  In Super Sonics
Adventure,  go  to  the  crashed  island.  There  you see Knuckles and
Eggman.  Press  A  +  B  +  X  + Y + Start after the clip. Then choose
Knuckles. Go to the same place, and there are two Knuckles.

Change View:
     In Twinkle Park Race, press UP to toggle between inside, outside,
and far out view.

No pause menu:
     Press X and Y together at the pause menu.

     Put  the  disc  into  your  PC CDROM drive. In a directory called
extras you will find wallpapers for your PC.

Faster Sonic spins:
     Continuously tap X or B to spin faster.

Play as Super Sonic:
     Complete  the  game  using  all six starting characters to unlock
Super Sonic.

Play as Robotnic:
     Complete  the  game  as Super Sonic. While the cedits are running
press B + A + X + X + Y + Start.

Be Chaos O:
     Finish the game with Super Sonic. You must have at least one Chao
raised  and  saved  to your memory card. Now go to the Egg Carrier and
activate  the Egg Bus (the bus that enables you to renter the level on
the  Egg  Carrier) and before you're able to enter the level you'll be
stopped  by a smoking Dr. Eggman in the Egg Scorpion. He'll shoot down
a ray of light and transport you to a fight with "Perfect Chaos". Beat
"Perfect  Chaos" and you'll have finished the game with "Super Sonic".
Once  the  credits  roll you'll be back at the main screen. Choose the
first option and you'll be able to choose "Chaos 0".

Play as Chaos 6:
     Beat perfect Chaos in one minute to play as Chaos 6.


Unlimited gold eggs!:
     Do  the  golden chaa egg code in the cheats at this site. Put the
gold choa egg in Station Square's chao garden.Turn off Sonic Adventure
then  turn  the  game on again. Do the code again. The golden chao egg
should  be  there again. Do this over and over to get more golden chao
eggs.You can do this with any character.

Be Tails:
     Controller  two may be used for Tails after he is obtained during
game play.

Faster Spins for Sonic:
     Continuously tap X or B to spin faster.

Select Sonic's Snowboard:
     Just before you enter the snowboarding phase of the Ice Stage you
can  press  X  to  obtain  Sonic's  Blue snowboard or B to get Sonic's
Yellow Snowboard

Be Reala:
     First  of  all  go  to casinopolis on the nights table get to the
very  top  and  you can play as nights on 1 level BUT if you hatch all
the eggberts out of there eggs you can play as Reala

Beat Eggman in one hit:
     First  of  all  go  to mystic ruins. (You must beat it with Sonic
First!)  Then  go to trial mode and select mini game. Then go to BOSS,
and when you fight the EGG HORNET than charge up your light speed dash
and  when  you  get  the chance to attack there you go! Now sonic will
automaticly  do  a  three  hit  combo!  (Once you let go of the B or X

The third emblem:
     With  Tails,  go to the real mystic ruins where the structure is,
and  climb  up  the  ladder.  Fly  over to the structure and go to the
highest  floor  that  you can reach. From there fly onto the trees and
you'll  see  the  hollow tree of Big's place. Fly down the hollow tree
and you'll find the emblem

Play as Super Knuckles:
     Complete the game using all six charactes, then complete it again
using Knuckles. Now, at the Character Selection screen, hold X + B.

Play as Metallic Sonic:
     At  the Character Selection screen, highlight Sonic and press A +
B + X + Y + L + R + Left. Press Start.

Mega Characters:
     Unlock  Super  Sonic,  above,  then start another game using that
character. Obtain all the crystals and successfully complete the game.
At the Character Selection screen, choose anyone to get a Mega version
of the character.

Mystical Ruins extra life:
     Tail's  workshop  is  located  all  the  way  at  the  top of the
mountains in the Mystical Ruins. Go to the very top and look around to
find an extra life. Use the spin attack to zoom over and collect it.

Bonus NiGHTS Area:
     When  playing in the pinball section of the casino level, drop in
the  top  hole  to  reach  another  pinball machine. Now drop into the
middle hole to reach an area based on NiGHTS.

Defeating the whale:
     When  on  the whale stage(s), run over a speed ramp as soon as it
appears.  Then,  do not press anything on the controller; the CPU will
do the rest.

Silver Chao egg:
     Go  to  the  Mystic  Ruins.  Go  to the water fall located in the
middle  of  the Adventure Field. Push the stone that is jutting out of
the  wall  to the right of the water fall. A silver egg will fall from
behind  the  waterfall  and  float to shore. When it hatches, a silver
Chao  will  be  born.  Information  in this section was contributed by
Dragonair Lover.

Golden Chao egg:
     Go  to  the  Station  Square  area. Then, go to the area when you
fought  Chaos  for  the  first time. Look to the side of the City Hall
entrance to find egg shaped rock. Take the rock to the building to the
left  from  City  Hall.  Walk  to the window to see a golden Chao egg.
However,  if  you try to take it the front door will lock. Replace the
egg with the rock and the door will unlock, allowing you to leave with
the egg. When the egg hatches you will have a golden Chao.

Black and blue Chao egg:
     Go to the egg carrier. Then, go the jail area where Amy was kept.
In  the  cell next to where she was held is a black and blue egg. Step
on  the  switch  to open the door. Take the egg to the garden. When it
hatches, it will be a dark grey and dark blue Chao.

Take a shower:
     Go  to  the  Casinopolis zone as Sonic and enter the shower area.
Get  into  one of the stalls and push against the wall to give Sonic a

Sonic The Armadillo:
     Go to the past when the Master Emerald altar is on fire. Move the
camera  so  Sonic  is  facing the screen head on. In the red light, he
looks just like Mighty The Armadillo from Knuckles Chaotix game on the
Sega 32X.

Sonic in the sand hill:
     Get on top of the ledge and pushing the button to drain the sand.
Locate  the  sand  hill  cave, but do not enter. Move a short distance
back out of the cave entrance. Charge up your speed of light dash, but
not to the point where he says "Ready". Release, then jump immediately
before  you  go  over the little bump or lip. If done correctly, Sonic
will  end  up in the sand hill. Note: It is just like the sand hill in
trial mode.

Easy coins with E102 Gamma in Adventure field:
     Go  to  station  square and in the hotel, go up the stairs to the
second  floor.  Stand  at  the  very top step. Shoot your laser at the
second button on the floor. Keep shooting to get coins.

Get all five Chaos Emeralds with the Chao:
     To  get  all five of the Chaos Emeralds that you can get with the
Chao,  you  need to log on to the Dreamcast Network and go to the Chao
Daycare  Section.  Download  one of the Chaos that are 999 in all four
categories. Return to your Chao Garden and race him in a Chao Race. He
will  leave  easily defeat all the other Chao. Repeat this on all five
races to get the five possible Chaos Emeralds.

Easy coins with Tails:
     Find a patch of dark green grass. Move over and stand on it, then
twirl your tail around. A group of coins will appear out of nowhere.

Easy coins with Knuckles:
     Go  to  almost any spot of dirt or grass, then press A + B to dig
down and come up with many coins.

Change Station Square appearance:
     Connect to the Dreamcast Network through the Sonic Adventure disc
and download the new file.

Special Chao:
     Collect  at  least 100 emblems to get access to a special section
called  the  Black Market on the Dreamcast Network. A Special Chao can
be downloaded from this area.

Get a Metallic Chao:
     First  go  to  mystic  ruin then go to the waterfalls look to the
right  there  will  be  a  platform  there  jump  on  it.  Look at the
waterfalls  you  will  see  a metallic chao egg. NOTE: You can only do
this if you have all 6 charecters

Double your evil chao eggs:
     First  go to the egg carrier and take an evil egg from the jails.
Then  take  it  to  the hammer game that you play with amy and drop it
down one of the holes. Do this a few times and then go to the jail and
try and pick up one of the eggs. When you pick up the egg another will
come  out.  Sometimes  you will get eggs disappearing and appearing in
different places.

Skip Egg Carrier loading time:
     There  is  a  way  to  skip the loading time on the stairs on the
docks  at  the Egg Carrier. First, go to the dock. Angle Sonic so that
he  is on the opposite side from the boat. Then, jump diagonally on to
the  stairs  and  keep jumping up to get to the top. For fun, jump off
the  stairs  to see Sonic float for a bit. You still cannot get to top
because of loading time, so jump diagonally onto the Egg Carrier.

Go up the mountain as Tails:
     It  is  possible  to  go up the mountain as Tails in level 3. Aim
Tails  up  and keep pressing Up while jumping. It is difficult to tell
what  Tails  is  doing,  but this is a good way to pick up arches that
were missed

Power-up locations:
     Light Speed Shoes: Sewer in Station Square.
     Crystal  Ring:  Elevator on second floor of hotel. 
     Ancient Light: On rock near bridge to Angel Island.

     Rhythm Badge: Follow Tikal to past (it is on a pyramid)
     Jet Anklet:In the sewer behind Twinkle Park.

     Fighting Glove: In the cave near Angel Island.
     Shovel Claw: On a cliff behind Big The Cat's house. 

     Warrior Feather: Defeat Hedgehog Hammer for the first time. 
     Long Hammer: Defeat First Place score again. 

Big The Cat:
     Life Belt: In the lake in the cave leading to Angel Island. 
     Power Rod: In Forest under Big's bed.
     Lure 1: In Sewer Behind Twinkle Park.
     Lure 2: In a cave in the Forest.
     Lure 3: In the Icecap level.
     Lure 4: In a prison cell on the Egg Carrier. 

E-102 Gamma:
     Jet Booster: In the Ammunition Room of the Egg Carrier.
     Gun Upgrade: In the room opposite the Ammunition Room. 

Getting every Emblem:

Sonic:           30 emblems to collect in Sonic's Action Stages.
Tails:           15 emblems to collect in Tail's Action Stages.
Knuckles:        15 emblems to collect in Knuckles Action Stages.
Amy:             9 emblems to collect in Amy's Action Stages.
Big the Cat:     12 emblems to collect in Big's Action Stages.
E-102 Gamma:     15 emblems to collect in E-102's Action Stages.
Adventure Field: 12 emblems to find in Adventure Field.
Mini Games:      10 emblems to collect in Mini Games.
Chao Races:      5 emblems to collect in Chao Races.

Complete the game with all six characters to get 6 emblems.
     This  brings  the total number of emblems that are collectible in
the game to 130.

Chao moods:
Heart:              Happy
Swirl:              Angry
Question Mark:      Confused
Exclamation Mark:   Surprised
XX over eyes:       Angry
-- over eyes:       Happy
Half Closed eyes:   Tired
Waving Arms:        Wants Attention
Flailing Arms:      Angry 

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