Skies Of Arcadia

Abirik Locations
     Here are the locations of the three Abiriks.

     Abirik  1:  A merchant ship in the Ixa'taka region will trade you
this thing for 10 Sky Sardis fish. They can be found near Pirate Isle.
     Abirik 2: The Nasr merchant in Nasrad gives it to Aika and Fina.
     Abirik  3:  You  get  it  for  running  a  series  of errands for
Esperanza's tavernkeep.

Cham Locations
     Here is a listing of the Cham Locations in this epic game:

Cham 1:  In the HQ on Pirate Isle. As soon as you enter you'll be
         introduced to the Cham system. It can be found on the walkway.
Cham 2:  In the shrine on Shrine Island. It is on the second to bottom
         floor near a dead end.
Cham 3:  Found in the tower on Sailor's Island. It's on the top floor
         and really hard to miss.
Cham 4:  Found on the inn's balcony in Maramba.
Cham 5:  Found in the Temple of Pyrynn. It is in a niche after the floor
Cham 6:  Found in Horteka, in the northern section of the first
         area of town.
Cham 7:  Found in King's Hideout on the floor. It can't be missed.
Cham 8:  Found in the Moon Stone Mountain mines. Near a large shut door,
         after the second portal slams shut on you.
Cham 9:  Found in the Moon Stone Mountain mines. In the first area after
         the first two traps.
Cham 10: Found just outside of the Gates to Rixis.
         It is near the left statue.
Cham 11: Found in Rixis. It is on the stairs near to where you fight
         Zivilyn Bane.
Cham 12: Found after beating Gordo in Valua.
Cham 13: Gotten from the girl's boss in Nasrad.
Cham 14: Found at the entrance to Daccat's Island.
Cham 15: Found in Daccat's 'Tomb' with the girls.
Cham 16: Found on the Delphinus' deck.
Cham 17: Found in Gordo's Bistro (in North Ocean).
Cham 18: Found in Nasrad, after it is destroyed.
         It is lying on the ground near the fountain.
Cham 19: Found in Esperanza. It is in the little room at the bottom
         of the ladder.
Cham 20: Found in Yafutoma. It is near a waterfall.
Cham 21: Found in Mt. Kanzai. It is at an intersection.
Cham 22: Found on the stairs on Exile Island.
Cham 23: Found under the stairs on the first floor of your base.
Cham 24: Found near the flag at your base.
Cham 25: Found in the Ruins of Ice. It is right at the beginning.
Cham 26: Found near the save spot in Glacia.
Cham 27: Found on Hamchou Island. Found above the Dark Rift.
Cham 28: Found on Ilchymis' Island. This island is above the clouds
         and north of the Valuan Capital. You can't miss it.
Cham 29: Found in the first part of Soltis. It is in the north,
         near to the exit to the next part of the level.
Cham 30: Found on the floor right at the start of the second area

Crew Special
     After  you  get  4 members in your party and you begin to recruit
members  for  your  ship  a new option will be enabled in hand to hand
combat.  This option will be "Crew Sp." and it will appear right above
"Items"  in  the command screen, for it to appear you will have to max
out  your  spirit  points,  once  you  do  that choose that command, 2
attacks appear, both attacks drain ALL your spirit points.
     Prophecy:Causes damage to all enemies on screen.
     Blue  Rogues: Damage will vary depending on how many crew members
you  have,if  you  have  them all it causes around 2,000 damage to all
enemies and heals all party members.

Cancel Effects
     An  easy  way to avoid getting attacked by really anoying enemies
is  like  this: Cast a confusion spell or get the Swirlmerang from the
net  to  tackle  the  bigger  ones,  then  attack  it right after it's
confused.  It will cancel it's current attack. Most it'll do will be a
counter attack.

Finding Glacia
     To  find Glacia easier, look at the lands of ice. Most of the ice
is  white, but within the white ice is one light blue area. It is over
the  mountain  when  you  discover  the lights in the sky -- go to the
other  side  of  where  you  are now (over the mountain). In that side
alone,  look  for  a  light  blue area in the ground containing a city
frozen  in  ice.  Note:  This is very hard to find because none of the
tips of the buildings in the city emerge from the ground.

Finding Gordo's bar
     Go to map square E4.

Hidden audio
     While the game was in development, the game programmers wanted to
implement  speech.  However  in  the final version, the speech was not
included.  The speech was only in the battle system. Use the following
steps  to  hear  the  voices  that they were going to use. Turn on the
Dreamcast  with  no  disc.  When  the system screen shows up, go to CD
player.  You  will  see  there  is no CD when you go in the CD player.
While  at  the  screen with the CD Player controls, insert either game
disc.  When  the disc is loaded in the CD player, the Skies of Arcadia
CD will appear. Select "Play" to hear the hidden audio.

Hidden artwork
     Place  the game disc in a PC compatible CD-ROM drive and open the
"master01.bmp" file.

Secret Aika FMV sequence
     When  you  begin  the game and pass the part with Alfonso's ship,
return to your island. Get out of the underground base of Pirate Isle.
Aika  will  say  that  she needs to freshen up a bit. Go to her house,
then  face towards the door. Go all the way to the left left until you
see a clothesline. In that one corner you will see, pasted on the wall
of that house corner, a handkerchief. Inspect the handkerchief and you
will see a hidden FMV sequence of how Aika looks with her hair down.

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