Shadow Man

Deadside shotguns:
     Go  to the Wasteland and enter the Temple Of Life. Go to location
with  the  Baton  and  go  to the altars. Keep pressing B at different
altars until the secret unlocked message appears.

     Go  to the Temple Of Life after you get to the Baton. Warp out of
the temple, then warp back in . Go to the first altar on the right and
press  B  when you have less than 100 Cadeux. Then, go to the next one
on the left and the secret unlocked message shoul d appear.

Pea Soup mode:
     Go  to  the Temple Of Fire. Locate the pool of blood and find the
door  that  leads  to  a room with a ramp going up the left that leads
another  ramp. Move up the ramp and look to the left to see a hallway.
Jump  on the railing and jump towards the hallway. You should grab the
ledge  in  front  of it. Pull yourself up. The secret unlocked message
should appear.

Play as a dog:
     Go  to  the Asylum: Gateway and go to the path before the door on
the left under the bridge. Follow it until find a room with a Govi and
some  boxes.  Climb  the  boxes  and  jump on the rafters. Jump to the
second  rafter,  then  jump  to  the third rafter. The secret unlocked
message will appear.

Play as Nettie:
     Go  to the Mordant St. NY. Follow the paths until reaching a room
with  a  lever.  Pull the lever and the lights will turn on. Enter the
elevator  and  go up. Go find the door, then look for a brown patch on
the  floor. Jump as far as possible, then jump again. If you are quick
enough  you will get over and the secret unlocked message will appear.
If you fall through, use the bear to warp there and try again.

Play as Deadwing:
     Go  to the maximum security cell in the Gardelle county jail. The
cell is the one farthest to the right, on the right.

Flame on mode:
     Go  to the Lizard Kink A.K.A. Doctor Death, in a long hall with a
locked gate. The secret unlocked message will appear when in there.

     Go  to  Dr.  Death's  Schism  Gate  and go to where you fight the
helicopter  and destroy it. Then, go to the tunnel to the right of the
entrance. The secret unlocked message will appear.

Invisible man:
     Go  to  London  Underground via Jack The Ripper. Go to the middle
stall  in  the  women's  bathroom and the secret unlocked message will

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