Quick evolve:
     During  the  game,  there  should be a shell at the bottom of the
tank.  If  you  keep  tapping  the shell it starts to eat your newborn
Seaman. After they are eaten, tap the shell until the squid comes out.
The  squid will eventually die after tapping the shell more. Next, the
baby Seaman will appear and be in the next stage, Gillman. This is the
first  stage that you get to talk to your seaman. Hold A while talking
into the microphone to speak to your Seaman.

Quick evolve (2):
     A  way  to  speed  up  the  evolution  process is to talk to your
seaman,  clean  the tank and do all that for him. Then change the date
on you dreamcast up by 2 or three days. Do this only after you tend to
his needs.

Temperature and oxygen never change when game off:
     To  keep  the  temperature and air from changing when the game is
off, just remove the batteries from the VMU that Seaman is saved on.

Drain the aquarium:
     When the seaman gets old enough he will help you move the rock to
drain the aquarium.

Infinite food:
     To  get  infinite food you need two VMU's. Save a new game on one
VMU,  then  make sure there is a game going on the other VMU. Transfer
the food from the first VMU to the second.

Secret ending:
     During  the  course  of  the  game  Seaman  will  ask you several
questions.  When he asks you what is your profesion then say you are a
wizard. I won't spoil the ending for you but it is really funny!

Give it a name:
     When  you  get  far  enough in the game it says you can give it a
name.  Just  hold A button to talk to it and say "I want to give you a
name." He will then agree and you can name him.

Keep him happy:
     Whenever  you  put the clock ahead on the VMU and you get back to
where  you left off except for a day or two later, add air and fix the
heater.  Then  put the gillmen in a good mood! When you leave for that
long they get mad and when they grow up, if you had never tickled them
then  they  are  very  moody. Also don't slap them is fun, I
know but too much and they could become very mean.

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