Power Stone

How to beat the first boss:
     To  beat the pharaoh walker (first boss, looks like a four legged
robot)  use  Wang-Tang, get transformed, run directly under the boss's
head  and  do  the  giant sun/fireball twice. It will most likely kill

Easy kill:
     Choose  any  character.  Go  to options. Set number of battles to
one.  Put  seconds for each battle one fifteen. Hit the enemy once. If
they  hit you keep hitting them until their energy meter is lower than
yours. After YOU hit them once run away from them and stay as far away
from them as possible.

Easy last Boss fight:
     Get  underneath  the last Boss' right arm. He will not be able to
hit  your character, but you have to be in the correct location. Note:
When  the  picture of the Boss appears, press Up to get underneath his

Fight as Mutant Fusion (Final) Valgas:
     Unlock  Valgas,  then  successfully  complete  the  game with any
character  without using continues under any difficulty setting. Enter
the  page  12 of the Power Stone Collection to see Final Valgas. Note:
Final  Valgas  may only be selected in versus mode, by only one player
per match.

No damage:
     Enable  "Extra  Options" code. Enter the extra options screen and
set  "Transformation  Damage"  to  "0%".  Start another match, collect
three  gems,  and  transform.  Do  not use any regular attacks on your
opponent  after  transforming.  Instead,  throw  objects  to keep from
getting damage.

Full charge:
     To be at ultimate (with three stone) form for unlimited amount of
time.  Fight  the  computer  starting from the first fight, lose every
first  fight and beat your enemy on the next two fight. Repeat this to
all the stages until you reach Valgas. Collect the stone when fighting
him  and  you  will  automaticly  be charged up forever that means the
computer cannot harm you and you can do special attacks forever.

Virtua Battle Mode:
     Ulock  Valgas  and Virtua Battle Mode will be available on page 5
in the Power Stone Collection.

Dual Virtua Battle Mode:
     Beat  the  game  with Valgas and Dual Virtual Battle Mode will be
available on page 6 in the Power Stone Collection.

Full pause screen:
     Pause the game and press X + Y

Change the Victory Camera:

     A  - zooms in and out. Digital Pad & Analog Joystick - rotate the

Alternate Colors:
     Press  B  when  selecting  the character. Press A to select their
default color.

Extra Items:
     Beat  the  game with 4 characters to get an extending pole, heavy
chain gun, ray gun and a shield.

Scrap book:
     Get  $1000  or  more  in the VMS minigames and Scrap Book will be
available on page 13 in the Power Stone Collection.

Sound test:
     Get  $2000  or  more  in the VMS minigames and Sound Test will be
available on page 25 in the Power Stone Collection.

View ending sequences:
     Beat the game to access page 14 in the Power Stone Collection.

Extra Options:
     Beat  arcade  mode  with  a different number of characters on any
difficulty setting

Extending staff:
     Beat arcade mode with one character.

Gattling gun:
     Beat arcade mode with two different characters.

Ray gun:
     Beat arcade mode with three different characters.

     Beat arcade mode with four different characters.

Falcon's mini-game:
     Beat arcade mode with five different characters.

Ayame's mini-game:
     Beat arcade mode with six different characters.

Gunrock's mini-game:
     Beat arcade mode with seven different characters.

Play as Kraken:
     Beat arcade mode with all eight characters.

Unlock Valgas:
     Beat arcade mode as Kraken


Powerstone book:

     When  you  complete  the game in 1-player, you may open a page in
the Power Stone book but this is how you can open all the pages!

Page 1 - nyoi boi:
     Complete the game with any one character.

Page 2 - machine gun:
     Do it twice ( different characters ) and you will get the machine gun.

Page 3 - ray gun:
     Complete the game 3 times with any 3 characters.

Page 4 - power shield:
     Complete the game 4 times with different characters.

Page 5 - virtual battle:
     Unlock  Krakem  by  complete  it with all the characters and then
complete it with Kraken to open this page up.

Page 7 - Falcon Aerial Adventure:
     Complete  the game with 5 different characters to unlock this VMU
mini game.

Page 8 - Ayome's shuriken training:
     Complete the game with 6 different characters to unlock page 8.

Page 9 - Gunrocks Gun Slots:
     Very Boring! Complete the game with 7 different characters.

Page 10 - Play as Kraken:
     Complete the game with all the characters to get Kraken.

Page 11 - Play as Valgas:
     Beat the game as Kraken to unlock Valgas.

Page 12 - Play as Final Valgas:
     Beat  the game as normal Valgas on the highest difficulty and you
can  play  as  Final  Valgas.  He  only can be played in 2 player mode

Page 14 - Movie Theatre:
     This  can  be opened by just completing the game with anyone. You
will see their endings on this page.

Page 15:
     Get  2000  points on a VMU game and you will be able to listen to
all the sounds in the game.

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