Dynamite Deka 2


Extra Missions:
     Beat  the  first three missions without running out of continues,
and  you  will get Missions 4, 5, and 6 to play. These Missions are in
the same areas, but they are extremely challenging.

Infinite Tranquilizer Credits:
     Beat  the  first  three missions without running out of continues
and you will get unlimited credits on the tranquilizer gun game.

Play as Bruno:
     To play as Bruno from the orignal Die Hard aracde collect all the
Picture Frames in the game to unlock Bruno from Die Hard Arcade.

Play as Cindy:
     To play as Cindy from the original Die Hard Arcade select Ivy and
hold Start.

Bonus Game:
     To unlock the Tranquilizer Gun hidden game, complete any mission.

Extra Level:
     Collect ALL pictures, use no continues and complete all missions.

Play as the Monkey:
     Beat missions 4, 5 and 6.

Get hidden character, weapon, and art:
     You  will  need  both  Dynamite  Cop and either the Official Sega
Dreamcast Magazine Sampler CD or Dreamcast web browser CD.

     If  you  have the Sampler CD first save a Dynamite Cop game. Then
start  the  Sampler CD and choose the Dynimite Cop Demo. When the demo
recognizes a Dynamite Cop save file on your VMU, the option of getting
an  extra  save "Detonator pak" will appear under "O ther". Then start
the  real Dynamite Cop, choose "Other" and activate the Detonator Pak.
This  also  works for the Japanese version of the game, as long as you
have the Japanese sample disc to generate the Detonator file.

     If  you have the Dreamcast web browser CD try this. Use the CD to
go  to  the  Dreamcast  network.  Go  to  the  Game Extras area in the
Downloads section. Download the "Dynamite Cop Detonator Pack" onto the
memory  card with your Dynamite Cop save file and sign o ff. Then load
the  Dynamite  cop CD and access the option menu. Choose the Detonator
Pack option and a screen will pop up asking if you want to combine the
Detonator  Pack  with  your  save  file. Choose yes. You will now have
access to extra game options.

The extra options are:
     Hidden  character: To play as the hidden character, highlight Ivy
at the character select screen and hold start.

     Stun Gun: The extra weapon, the stun gun, will be placed randomly
in different areas of the game.

     Extra   artwork:  Extra  illustrations  will  be  placed  in  the
Carribean Pirates mode.

Arresting enemies:
     You  cannot  arrest someone important such as the big "crab" guys
or  a  baker.  The  only  people  that can be arrested are most of the
regular  people.  In  order to arrest a person, you must have a pistol
(and  not  a  machine gun). The person must be weaponless. G et behind
them  and  press X. That should make the cop say "Freeze". Immediately
press  X  again  to avoid getting kicked. If done correctly the person
should be crawling on their knees with their hands behind their backs.

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