Crazy Taxi


Expert mode:
     At the character selection screen, hold L + R + Start.
     The  message  "Expert"  will  appear. No stop or arrow indicators
will appear.

No Arrows mode:
     At the character selection screen, hold R + Start.
     The message "No Arrows" will appear.

No Destination Mark Mode:
     At the character selection screen, hold L + Start.
     The message "No Destination Mark" will appear.

Another Day mode:
     At  the character selection screen, hold R and keep it held while
choosing a driver.
     The message "Another Day" will appear. This mode modifies various
positions in the game.

Secret Push Bike:
     At the character selection screen, quickly press L, R, L, R, L, R
or L + R, L + R.
     Alternately, complete all sixteen Crazy Box levels. To select the
bike  in  arcade  or  original  mode,  highlight  a  character  at the
character selection screen, then hold L + R and press Up or Down

Alternate display:
Begin game play in arcade or original mode. 
Press B on controller three to switch the display to a first person
Press Y on controller three to change to another camera angle. 
Press X, X, X, X, X on controller three to view a speedometer. 
Press A on controller three to reset the display. 

Underwater Passenger:
     Drive striaght and pick up the first orange person right in front
of  you.  After  you  get  to her destination, to the left by the wall
there  is a yellow person, she will want to go somewhere by the beach.
After  you  get  her to her destination, you will be right next to the
beach and you will see the green marker for someone under the water.

Crazy Dash:
     Press B + R when in drive in original, arcade, or crazy box modes
for  an  extra  boost at any time. Note: Press R + [Plus] when using a
race controller.

     Use the following trick to get even more speed than a Crazy Dash.
You  can  do  this  at  any time, but only if you are riding and did a
Crazy Dash. When riding, release R to stop accelerating. Then put your
taxi  in reverse, and immediately after that press B + R to do a Crazy
Dash. This should result in extra speed. You can do this as many times
as needed for even more speed.

Crazy Stop:
     Press  L  +  A during game play for a Crazy Stop. Note: Press L +
[Minus] when using a race controller.

Crazy Drift:
     Hold Left or Right then quickly press A, B at high speed to shift
into  "Reverse"  then back into "Drive". Note: Hold Left or Right then
quickly press [Minus], [Plus] when using a race controller. Note: This
move  can also be used as a combo when immediately followed by a Crazy

Use the horn:
     Press Y to beep the horn.

Crazy Box mode:
     To complete the 30 times level, drive down the middle of the road
at a relatively slow speed.

Crazy Box, Crazy Jump:
     In  the  Crazy Jump, start off with a Crazy Dash. When you get to
the  middle  of  the  ramp  perform  a Crazy Dash again and once again
before  leaving  the  ramp. This result in over three hundred and high
two hundreds.

Crazy Box, Cracy Pole:
     In  Crazy Pole, do a Crazy Drift to hit the pole. This will allow
you to stop in both destination points of each person.

Limit Cut:
     This  is basically a better version of the Crazy Dash. To do this
properly  you  will  first  have  to be a master at the Crazy Dash and
Crazy  Drift.  Do  a Crazy Dash and then straight afterwards perform a
Crazy  Drift  (But without turning!). This will not seem like it makes
much  difference  but  when playing the final Crazy Box, S-S, you will
only be able to complete it using the Limit Cut.

Crazy Fare:
     Play  a 10 minute game on arcade mode. Go all the way the parking
garage.  You  will  see a little ramp that goes to the second floor of
the  garage. Go right and hug the wall until you get close to the edge
and  stop.  VERY  SLOWLY  go  over  side  of the building. STILL GOING
SLOWLY,  go  on  the  yellow roof and stop. You will see a girl with a
green  dollar  sign  above  her head. Pick her up. You will notice her
fare  starts  at  $975.00  She  will have to go to the police station,
meaning  you  have to go over the long freeway. You have 90 seconds to
do  it  and  should  arrive  just before time runs out. If you do some
crazy moves you can increase your fare all the way up to $1200.00 This
trick isn't hard but yet consumes a lot of time. Try to pick her up as
one  of  the  first couple of passangers. Another way is find some one
who goes somewhere close to the parking garage. Now with one passanger
you can earn over $1000!

How to beat the final Crazy Box, S-S:
     Start  out going down the road until you hit the freeway, then do
the  u-turn  and  everything. Then if you don't know where to go after
that just turn left on all the turns A way to make sure this is a real
hint is to start out going backwards then you should see the mall.

Limit Cut:
     One  way  to  gain lots of speed and make it easier to finish the
final crazy box level is to do the limit cut. The limit cut is done by
doing a crazy dash (drive + accelerate) then shifting into reverse and
finally  doing  another  crazy dash. This entire movement must be done
very  quickly  or it will not work. This can also be done just for fun
while  going up or down the hills in arcade mode. You get a lot of air
when you do this.

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