Blue Stinger

Bank Card Passcodes:
     Go  to  the  Bank  Of Kimra and enter the passcode for one of the
following bank cards to access that account:

Bank Card Passcode Amount
Eliot's   3532     $20
Kimra     1008     $4000
Yucatan   1861     $5700
Bermud    1394     $6000

200 Hassy Drinks:
     Beat  the game and save it. Then, start a new game from the saved
game file. Then you will have 200 Hassy Drinks in the inventory.

Bonus Gun and Infinite Ammo:
Beat game twice and you will get a bonus gun.
Beat the game three times and you will get infinite ammo.
Beat the game four times and you will get all of the bonus guns.

Bonus pics:
     Put  the  disc  into your PC CD-ROM. In a folder called Omake you
will find different pics and stuff.

Lab Card Passcode:

Unlimited secret remote bombs:
     Press X, Y, A, R, Start, L, Start at the title screen.

$20000 in 20 minutes:
     Make  sure  that Eliot has his axe or stun rod, about and about 3
or  4  clips in his hand gun(this is also easier if Doggs has his rail
gun).  Go  to  the  Bait  and  tackle shop and kill the creatures that
attack  you  then go out side and do the full axe combo on the monster
in  the  green  t-shirt  right outside the tackle shop door. This will
kill  him.  You will then attract the attention of a monster wearing a
white  t-shirt  this  monster leaps at you but gives you $250 kill him
away  from  the  water and go in to the tackle shop and repeat. If you
have  about 20 small hassys you can get about $20000(no typo) in about
20  minutes.  This is easier if you can lay down the full axe combo on
the green guy because if he is still alive he and the leaper will team
up  on  you. If things are getting ugly then switch to Doggs and Blast
them  with your rail gun. This takes a bit of practice but the rewards
are great.

Heat-seeking Laser Gun:
     Successfully  complete  the  game  twice and save the game. Then,
start  a  new  game from the saved game file to receive a heat-seeking
laser  gun,  which is not available in any shop or vending-machine. It
fires four heat-seeking lasers.

Mad Mode:
     Successfully  complete  the  game  three times and save the game.
Then, start a new game from the saved game file. The phrase "Mad Mode"
will  appear next to the health bar. In this mode 200 Hassy Drinks,all
weapons  (including  the  ray  gun),  and  full  ammunitio  n  will be

Big eyes:
     Beat  the  game twice on middle level, and once on hard. Then you
will get big eyes mode, and you will still have the ray gun.

     Successfully  complete  and  save the game. Start a new game with
the saved game file to have 200 Hassy Drinks (100 small and 100 large)
in  the  inventory.  This  should  allow  the  game  to be played with
near-invincibility, and the additional bonus of not havin g to buy any
other  health  items.  Additionally, any money left from the last game
will also be available in the new game.

All weapons:
     Successfully  complete  the game in less than five hours and save
the  game. Start a new game with the saved game file to begin with all
weapons with nine rounds of ammunition.

Swimsuit mode:
     Successfully complete the game twice and save the cleared game to
a  VMU.  On  the third time through the game, do not save the elevator
worker or Devlin, do not win the girl big gailey in the arcade, and do
not  talk  to the doctor in the labs. Have Elliot d rink at least five
cups  of the "free water" in the labs, then complete the game and save
it. The character's normal clothes will be replaced by swimsuits.

Protecting Janine:
     Before  climbing the tower at the end of the game, make sure that
you  have the gatling gun with at least three rounds of ammo. When the
chrome  monsters  appear,  change  to  dogs. Stand close to Janine and
center  yourself on the screen. Dogs will automaticall y aim, so shoot
short bursts whenever you see a monster. The gatling gun does not take
time to reload so this should occupy the four minutes.

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Автор: Chibich
Одна из самых худших игр, в которые я играл на Дримкаст. Долго парился проходить, но завис где-то через 2 часа непрерывного прохождения. Еще один большой минус игры - враги появляются снова. Так что, пришлось долго нарезать круги, набирая монеты и затариваясь оружием.

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