Air Force Delta

Bonus fighters & special option:
     Beat  all  twenty missions to unlock bonus fighters and a Special
option with infinite missiles

Get the EE Lightning:
     Beat  the  game  on  hard  to earn one more plane in the shopping
screen, the EE Lighting.

Quick Money:
     Shoot  down  any required aerial target with guns and not missles
and the bounty you get for it doubles.

Remove Replay Text:
     In order to get rid of the replay text during the replays all you
need to do is hold down the X and Y buttons. Release the X or Y button
and the text will come back up.

Crash Protection:
     Many  times  when  you're  flying  through  an area with a lot of
buildings  or  other  objects  in the way, you'll crash into them. Not
anymore.  If  you  are  about to fly into something, quickly pause the
game  and  change  your view by pressing Y & B at the same time . When
you unpause the game, you will fly safely through the building without
even a scratch.

Unlock Unlimited Missiles & Options:
     Finish  the  20 missions using normal difficulty to get a Special
setting on the options menu

5x Money:
     At  the  start of the game, at mission select.Press A+X+B+L+R and
start.f  done  correctly  you  will  hear a plane crash to comfirm the

All planes, all training done:
     At the name input screen type in IRA for a name, and put male for
gender.  This  will  give  you  all  the planes, including a buggy and
dolphin.  Also  it  in  the  training  mission  you passed them all at

Never lose money:
     After  each mission save your game. If you lose your plane in the
following mission, reload what you saved and you'll have the plane you
just lost and the same amount of money.

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